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Wbz news time is seven ofer four and it's time now for our fourday wbz accuweather forecast here's meteorologist frank straight through the first part of the night will be watching a shower were and locally heavy thunderstorm pushing through well well west boston still of concern for subsidy or storms a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for worcester county on west until nine o'clock later tonight of would mogi party a cloudy with a low near 70 partly sunny tomorrow the very warm huber day temperatures approached ninety tomorrow night mainly clear and again muggy blejer 70 still very warm monday with sunshine will reach 88 and did not look nicer for independence day we cool off some skies partly sunny and huckabee eighty two i'm accuweather meteorologist frank straight wbz news radio ten thirty currently it is eighty two degrees in pepperell eight seventy nine in reading it seventy nine under cloudy skies here in boston and don't forget we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for whist to county on west until nine p m tonight wbz news time now 705 well new jersey is dealing with its first the government shutdown in more than ten years and for some the timing is extremely bad it's frustrating to say the least according to jersey city mayor steven full up loose says he's disappointed that a government shutdown his close liberty state park where one hundred twenty thousand people were expected to take part in a fourth of july festival an celebration now have one objective in one responsibility which is to keep creatures moving forward and you know so far that's a failure but he refuses to inconvenience vendors entertainment and everyone else who has been involved in planning the event and while reconfiguring the event may not be the way he planned to spend the next couple of days he says he's moving forward with with or without the stakes help kelly waldron reporting well 1200 nurses could go on strike at tufts medical center july twelve to the thirteenth that they don't have any contract hospital officials say they will lock out the nurses for an additional four days and employ temporary workers the union says it's been negotiating since april of last year and concerns patient safety lack of resources and lagging compensation both sides have ten days to make a deal and avoid a strike wbz news time seven essex i mean a green wbz news radio ten thirty hello we're paul in larry walsh from the 93 financial group and host a family financial focus heard saturday evenings at six pm here on wbz well let's take.

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