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Maybe emulate somebody in particular or you kinda have to carve your own niche well when i was really young i wanted to be goldie hawn very talented comedic actress who can also do drama yes she was i realized her when she was on laughing now i'm really aging myself okay he does it all the time do that all the time yeah i i remember laughing so i guess we're both old wendy and then gilda radner talented yes those were the type of actors i wanted to emulate they were quirky quirky and fun and funny and that's how i felt i could be my best south so you look at some of the best comedic actresses right now i'd say that melissa mccarthy is probably she's wonderful christian wag is yeah they take chances and i liked that and they're not scared to be ugly or silly or whatever i like that and in terms of dramatic actresses in she can also do comedy she could do anything meryl streep everyone brings her other bringing up the greatest that ever was well she's just she is a very well trained actress who just commands her her characters so that attracts people i've done she's good yeah without question i mean she yeah without question morphs into whatever character when when you're seeing a movie now or watching a play do you feel like you watch it with a more critical i because you've been in a movie or you've been acting for this sort of time or can you sort of sit back and enjoy from moore fan perspective if they're really good i just get lost in the movie is the act of whatever it not just the acting but if the movie's really good i just get completely lost if what movie sucks then i just start chewing it apart then you start looking for mistakes that's all i think everyone we'll be on netflix sort of thing we're talking you don't have to go beyond adam sandler it's not a big fan just not really big fan of adam sandler i'm of like a film snob i'm sorry total philharmonia time you've pretty much of a i like all movies i i like the big bill of action movie like transformers the dumb dum just do as well so what did you think of porky's revenge when that came out you know what that's so long ago that came out what one thousand nine hundred five yeah i can't remember much about it because i was probably drunk at it because i was supposed to be that's what it was it was it was kind of one of the first like teen the teen romps all of that we'll porkies the first one started chip it was huge it started a new john this raunchy tony had you seen it when you got the casting call for pork i had not seen it so once i got cast i went and rented a a or vhs vhs vhs yes i only had a black and white tv man yeah i think i even rented the machine i don't even used to rent out video players yeah i think i had to rent out not everyone had a vhs believe it or not so i watched it in black and white which was kind of neat because it took place in the fifties and it kind of added something and it was really funny so i was super proud you heard of it before i heard of it yes i had not seen corky have come out in eighty two i think so yeah because animal house in seventy eight was like the first that was the college level brought it down even more high school for american graffiti go back to the seventies that was a bit different i really accommodate that was a raunchy feeding wouldn't call it out straight up the life allies film yeah there's so many house film at university of oregon yes it was i am a duck and some of the original props are still there the car from the end from the parade is still on campus the matter right off campus on the wall still you.

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