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Night owl about Saturday night fun stuff on Saturday Night Live it was the return of Eddie Murphy give a quick listen we are just what song schools yeah Joe do take the medicine I need so anyway anywhere I mean love Eddie Murphy hate Eddie Murphy his whole life it's crazy you've done Disney's been crazy way away from Disney stuff but he was back in reports were pretty doggone funny so good stuff for it seven thirteen Matt McCoy joins me as does bill Conley on live one ability were streaking toward the claims in game I gotta ask you know giving your expertise as a recruiter when you just look at the talent on the field I mean forget about game planning right now forget about all the wrinkles all the schemes all that stuff when you just look at the cold hard talent Clemson Ohio state what do you see and who do you think has the better the better players well the one word you want to use old obviously is speed there is well I mean they're faster NASCAR taken off this one I'm not going to be flying around the field that both teams are loaded with skilled athletes and not just you know one or two guys on talk about a half dozen guys at least they got every good special talents that way and I think this game is going to be asking at same time might not be as high scores might think of love that speeds on these two yeah well I mean you look at he joins Tom out tell your talk about speed in the I believe I saw the stat this week that sending players the National Football League Ohio state claims in Alabama one two three over the last five years so these guys that everybody's gonna be watching on Saturday night there's a whole lot of guys kind of reminds me of bill in two thousand two when you guys won the national championship Ohio state over Miami that team both teams were loaded with guys that you saw the NFL I have a feeling we're going to realize that a couple years down the road man remember all that talent that Saturday night in that champion that semi final game exactly right when it be great if we could funnel all that talent this is the Cleveland when no three one if you think about it yeah some but some Ohio professional team at least be success so it would be nice yeah areas when you when you look at the the guys on the field the guy will be watching more than anybody bill is J. K. Dobbins and I don't I just my sense is that you know the awards season kind of comes and goes and guys around them are getting accolade in getting the you know this guy's award that guy's award the got to go to the highs and all that stuff A. J. K. just kind of sitting there is like you know I had a pretty good year I feel like the chip on the shoulder might be as bigger bigger than anybody else on the team well I think you're right you would look at the two best running backs maybe in the country didn't get in the major awards that similar course sailor from Wisconsin both those guys when something approving a bowl game sure yeah in the clubs in running the football to Travis a TN is tremendous player who I don't know bill I mean your Trevor Lawrence at quarterback they've gods T. Higgins one of the top wide receivers Ohio state obviously we know that where they're loaded you getting back to Jules question talent wise all offensively where do you do you get Ohio state an edge is the Clintons edge what do you see I would think it's a pretty well balanced offense we both are about the same I think we're our defense counsel little bit better a little bit faster but I think the match up which you you're kinda it it met at the White wide receiver group and includes course quarterback you fix what's that big big tall guy is I think is our secondary is will be the most tests will ever be at and that's why we've got to get a great pass rush on their quarterback and that's why guys like chase young if you really got come ready to play yeah no doubt about it when you look at our quarterback in that knee brace are you concerned at all about Justin's mobility in this game no I think now he's had a couple weeks of practice with it it is probably a lot better than he was two weeks ago it seems like it's been forever since we play the game has been that long but I think at the US for a move with the the practice went right for the left and he was moved around a really good is there a possibility now well you know we had low Yat Jeff login on last hour and he mentioned talk about Justin fields that you know the mobility question is out there and Justin mention this week yeah I'm not quite where I should be and he's wearing the big knee brace and practice and Jeff kind of like his last comment Joel was like that a lot of that could be smokescreen yet like and he's just trying to do they play games like that would would that be something all I see my two Hey Justin you know because the practices are open and they have to have them open at least the first half hour for me I really weighing up take me through that is there discussion like let's let's make them think it's not as great as it is out of my little bit of that yeah if you got like Jim Brown used to be you know it run the ball for about fourteen fifteen yard let back to the huddle could barely get their phone because one for twenty five a little bit of what I call the left leg syndrome and I'm sure the lot lego blocks I got to so little gains been shipped there but you know when you listen to the guys talk of you know like could chase young I mean he's he's literally got like my emphasis is on running down the quarterback when you see what comes in does on the offense of side of the ball is that going to be enough I mean is it just cheese just trying to get to the quarterback is that going to be disruptive enough to get them off their game what well the thing about this type of game every position is important everyone I'm so first down production it'll be really important for both teams you've got to keep the ball away from the other explosive offense I mean there there they get same deal going on so you gotta make your possessions Calci guy get points on the board released a great field position make that a single long white there's a rhythm to the season you know when it's the regular season bill and you know practice weeks everything with a bowl game now is this is way shorter than what traditionally were used to yes it's only forty weeks but how how difficult is it from a coaching staff planning standpoint making sure that your team Saturday night eight o'clock food it's Paul is at its peak because a lot of times teams don't play as well in the bowl game as they have all year how do you make sure that that formula is right for your team to be ready on Saturday night well I think the first thing he says really important it is not as long as a time span between games that is really important coaches would much rather play the game in a short amount of time I think that one extra week to let people go up there that's why I think really important so you know it only takes the and believe me they've broken down Clemson long before they ever will plan but done unless you long before they're real plant leaf in terms of the graduates of of all the stuff into the computer well the thing so it the game plan doesn't take that long it's now it's the execution of being sharp in the course of mental preparation is huge for this one yeah that's the thing you know we you talk about that bill you know out in the media world you know we do things like Hey you know comes in they score first a one fifty in a row so what do you you know coach day you got to get on the board first and stuff like that they don't really concern themselves or stuff like that do that now what are all as well if the histories for the path less past baffling flapping its moment playing them in the moment which I think these guys are we ready to go thirty one nothing to what three years ago twenty sixteen is that brought up with Ohio state's team or is that you know there there are a handful of guys you know Ben Victor awesome Magruder handful of guys that were on that team is that a topic of conversation at all or is it all about this game now I think this is a new decade when I meet at noon most the players have not played an info that's past history I don't think you worry about that at all if this is a new game plan for all lot of streaks on this one that was to get to the championship game I don't think any that thing to happen a passel affected anyway I got it will bill you take your easy we appreciate the time as always and go boxsets bill Conley along with Matt McCall here on news radio six ten W. T. V. seven twenty we continue our conversation on the Buckeyes we got Dave metal coming up here at seven forty three and urban Meyer schedule to join us a little after the eight o'clock news so what will keep going you're talking about guys on six ten WTVN right now let's talk traffic and weather we do that every ten minutes on the tens it's from ten star heating and cooling products Gus is working in black look on rooms were New Albany road and center street in in Bexley on these brought up north gassing him the big headache remains on the south side on seventy one north there to seventy and that's where a truck crashed into a barrier the left two lanes they're closed on the south outer belt the that same rack has got the ramp from two seventy west to seventy one north close this report is brought to you by discover want to hear something amazing discover matches all.

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Saturday Night Live, Eddie Murphy, JOE discussed on Joel Riley

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