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Well, Tyler here we are in our thirties, isn't or both homeowners, and I would like to just really say how much it means to me that when you walked in my house, you appreciated, the Fritsch will. Of course it was guys. I haven't, I haven't told them about the fridge animal. I'm just jealous of your eyes machine because my fridge the ice. Maker is broken. And so now I have to buy ice in a bag and I put it in the freezer, and it's like I'm embarrassing people are trying to like make ice with my and I'm like oh, that's broken right now. But it's been broken for two years. So I'm like I can't say it's been it's broken right now. It's like it's been come ownership is like you have to take responsibility for the shit that goes wrong in, like actually do something, and I am not doing any of those can ease into it. I will tell you a fun fact about fridges and then a promise we're going to stop talking about for guys. But Hello now we're not thirties a fridge the ice machine on the fridge is the number one thing to break. And the reason why is because if you're ice machine is connected to your freezer, unit every time you're opening and shutting the freezer door a little bit of heat. Enters your fridge. So a little bit of moisture enters, which is a little bit of water so Refrees in places the break your ice machine. So if you wanna get a fridge, which has an ice machine that doesn't break, you have to get it separate from your freezer. Some accents does. I mean, I opened my freezer lot because you know have a handler top of ice cream problem in. So I what I do is. I don't commit to one pint of ice cream I get one out. I sit down have some well, but I keep the door open until it buzzes in. That's my personal. Primer is machine shirt. It's my personal time for me to push the button to stop the beeping switch out to a new flavor. So tell at might be so that's probably. So you're free. You wanna fridge that allows you to have portion control. Well, this does kinda does when you worth breaking the ice maker. It does it when you were what has your fridge is a great conversationalist, because it knows how to break the ice third. Thank you. That was at a growing up was your house said, no shoes house. It was on house yet. Okay. That's how I know you grew up in chaos. I know a lot of the that's the real indicate I didn't I didn't start taking my shoes off until I went and lived in Japan. And then I was like, oh, this is great. I love what are you guys know, she's has we were no shoes. How you had so many brothers and sisters young had to be a no shoes house because there was no shoes house. But look, it doesn't make sense because it's like there was garbage everywhere. My look all dog hair everywhere. It's like it didn't.

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