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And I think they'll have too much for them, especially home in sort of either way the first weekend goes if the beat France and they're on a row they become an intimidating opponent. If they if they lose to France and then this becomes their their tournament. Really? Like, if they if they lose the first two games, they are out of it. So either way is going to be a big match for Wales and delivering I think they cover that handicapped quite comfortable Darren Jones around four Scotland Wales looks as though it's going to be a cracker. If Wales are still, you know three hour three of that stage. They probably went fancy a trip to Murrayfield certainly won't be easy. However, you got the betting in in the Andy handicap on on that match. Yeah. Really interesting tie. This one Scotland are currently one point favorites. But I expect that handicap kind of edgy as tournament goes on. I if Wales of won their first three games, they'll probably go David says. So that's definitely won't eat Noyon grime. It's really difficult to judge sitting in, you know, a few weeks away from this particular going often, it will all depend on how they each team owner first three rounds, but looking at this stage Scotland Wales would you expect Wales to be too strong for Scotland? Or would you see there's a real banana-skin for the Welsh? Offensive site both. But we talked about was is injuries. I think a lot of players will be coming back. So I spent whilst to get stronger as tournament goes on plays lightly half concussion issue. Let's just a matter of time really, isn't it. And so they will get stronger. I'm pretty sure even if they do slip up in FRANZ, they've got real sort of drive in them to get better. So this state are pretty would back wires. And then we'll just have to see, you know, we might be only value that if the handicapped goes -nificant the other way. What would you expect to happen in this game? Yeah. I mean, I can I can see Scotland winning this game. I think it's the sort of match up the quite suit Scotland Wales absolutely hunt them outside the principality stadium. I up last year, but I think Scotland at Murrayfield or a very different proposition as we said. They just didn't they'd never turned up. Yeah. Getting on the pitch and what's interesting as well. As the two teams have very similar sort of progression through the tournament. They both play it till the very early. So the first and second up there playing Italy. So it's not the tournament then becomes quite attritional for both teams. It's one of those whereby. But if you get Italy round three around for you, kind kinda get bit of a break, you know. That's what happens for Ireland's in you know, you can get some squad rotation and freshness. And people are actually this is going to think what's going to decide this game. And it's why it's hard to comment on now is injuries will have a huge impact on these games because these are two of the squad's the starting fifteen excellent, but they may be lack some of the depth of of almonds and an England. So. So much of what's happened before? In terms of injuries is gonna play play a factor in this match. Shop wouldn't really want to call it either way if they were playing first week up Murrayfield, I would Francis Collins. Okay, now Darren Rams fallen we would like to say a blockbuster grand, slam decider. We don't always get one. After is to be one this season. It might well come into the shape of Wales and all that they can get three the first four matches unscathed that still looks very good game on his own Royds. Anyway, wells Auden what have you got the line at? Yes. And the lines currently in Ireland minus three as we've kind of mentioned with the other games. It's it's hard to all is far. What who will be blamed for walk book? In this scenario that way is are paying for a six nations or feign for a grand slam even you'd probably be back in the book or either discuss ways. Whereas in of this another day, another beasts there, so. Yeah, it it's a tricky one. Rotate. Yeah. If I have a best this far as probably be bucking the whales post breeding seen as I do like them for vital and Grimes. We guys around fall you've dwells on the next to you expect on either of those teams to have won..

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