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I hear ya. And is there a concern because the larger picture, it's not just something? That's afflicting. The Rams offense. It does seem like the defenses doesn't seem that way. Clearly the defenses are starting to hold their own and how now how much. At this point. I know obviously, you're you're in the booth with with the Rams, but do you now suspect that it's swinging back in favour of the bears the Seahawks and the ravens and teams that are playing that brand the well, the thing is, you know, right now, it's not even that Brenna football home games. You want to play at home period because throughout the league teams that are at home have a better chance of winning for some reason. When I stand on get y either I don't understand. But when you look at everything, you know, the saints are a more dominant team at home than they are on the road of the Rams are more dominant team at home than they are even though they lost Philly. There's still they played much better than they did against Chicago right of Chicago's defense is much more dominant in Chicago than it is anywhere else. And so with those things being said us trying to fight for home field advantage. You have to find a way that but for a defense specifically we saw that in the clink with those. Those high NC hawks teams, they would always say, April and Bennett, it would say we would get a jump because the crowd would be. So we could actually jump at the line of scrimmage a split second earlier because I remember it like it's the quarterback can't use his voice. So he's he's using his hands. And so whenever you see the core by jump up. You could take off jump because you know, the ball's coming right there. So. Again. It's when you have a great defense. You always want to be at home. We have a great offense. You always want to be at home because you can work on the road. There's different issues that come come throughout. And we we saw on Monday night with the saints. I mean, they're in Carolina Carolina's lost five straight. And there was a reason everyone was trying to say Carolina has a chance to win because they play outside. It's a little bit different than being in the dome. It's it's tougher. It is a completely different. And so. I think more of the weather the weather's starting to churn chain. You know, some people say real football is being played now. But also the fans are more into it this time the because a games means so much more. I get all that. But by the way, are the saints now the team to beat out of the NFC who's the who is even the best. I mean, the the bears the bears are playing great football right now. And I know, you know, talking with a lot of players and talking with a lot of people a lot of teams are want to face them. I know they're gonna day are going to have to do what your former team the Jaguars date in two thousand seventeen which is to some degree. Mitch Trubisky is better than Bortles. I'm not making that case, but they are going to have to hide him a little bit question. I mean, I I called a game where you know, if you force him to golf as I read and throw over the middle. He sells the ball..

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