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Still. Greatly missed as you know. I was in New York, and the mid seventies when I right out of high school. Like, from the late seventies through the eighties, almost my husband and I were going to a funeral every week you yeah. I I was there then to. The same. My heart while watching this and you being in the Music Cedar Community? Of course it's the next I can't even. I. Can't even imagine I really can't. But there to finding the people that that they did for these different voices, you were actors you were smears in you're actors and there too I think is hard of why the music lives the way it does is that it was thought through This different but. I'll never forget listening to them talk about. Donna Murphy Murphy. Everest forget listening. So Donna Murphy came in and said, she asked a million questions and they didn't understand why. In questions and the next day she comes into record and it's this fully formed character of course. Incredible. Very. Well, the only time I ever stood by for an actress on Broadway was forgotten Murphy and Edwin Drood. Now I would gladly stood by for her. And actually I got to go on and play the other part with her night ended up doing a in the national tour. But how is just watching her every night and being you know her stand-by learn awesome Donna. She's an amazing actress Myriam eligible. In credit truly one of the one of the greatest. Lives in performance to this day. But it it makes me think about that. When I watch you guys in watching that footage and all of the care that's going into every single note and bend and pause It's it's real. It's a stage. You're there and you're you're bringing something to life in a serious way. It's not. You know it's not a Kiddie game it's it's use it. Was Astounding to is that they did not find beast for while I was hired for a whole month before the found Benson. Just. Now. Remember. I was so upset it was one of the publication said all mentioned all of us, the Broadway people but then they said, but Robby Benson really how is that going to work and I was like damn? He busted is freed grade and he's also a Broadway performer was on Broadway. When he was a child for Pete's sake you know. But truly the whole piece came together when rob became aboard, you know my character certainly, you know I I've found my carriage by working with Robbie. Course Howard I kiddingly say bell is not just me. It's Howard. Ashman is Linda Woolverton. animators you know between more candidate James Bax are there so many of its corporate bell the dumb. Robby Robin is really key to the film. Is a great actor. So the repressions asking everybody what was your favorite thing about Howard?.

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