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P con michelle home yes galleon is michelle's brother in law he already said is going to be put on canvas canvas there will be no um declarations of the fire in the show you are such a sweet are and your of big thinking woman canvas pauley you know these are too large figures and you guys love you you and i have been friends for damn near fifty years now been through the wars together we've shirts commemorating are ten years together you out of us dancing yep all that stuff so i feel like he and when people walk in the home they say why is this on caveat you say those are two friends of our way greg and i get together fireworks for example christmas day family christmas dinner on were our in a shirt the you got me murph abhran is deuce bag and in front of michelle's ninety yearold grandparents in their late ninety's who i'm screaming greg about players resting yeah and he was screamin' right bag that's it that's what maury pauley yet you have it on your board he had no choice but to yell now do sometimes your hands are tied and you've got to address the situation and when you have no choice murphy's i continue to lug have no choice as actually elliott and conner at the thing so i'm going to pittsburgh due to my going to pull the kind of heroism of an mlb named john tomb pain john tomb pain never heard of him toot so the robert roberto clemente bridge is that legendary pirate yellow bridge area looks so cool on tv i'm dying to go there tools over the allegheny river you've not been in the yard yet rhino the old three rivers but i haven't been to this one but to this empire was walking to the gay you can was that's the deals we're going to walk into the game all day right pirates reply do the parchment the tampa bay raise about that as a has that for low wattage ball right there this goes walking across the bridge in saw a woman hop over the railing this is on wednesday's yesterday he said he reach for the woman and grabbed her arm and she urged him to let her go she was trying to jump off the bridge home holy mackerel he secured one of her arms a bystander grabbed the.

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