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This is the oldest shirt I own what color shirt is that. Because I've been trying to figure out if. Round. That's that's me. No, it is sort of Brown now. But if you're used to be black Glaus stugatz that shirt is older than Chris, Cody. It is DCC donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Greg Cody in for lebatardshow today. Where are we on the Cheeto front guys, what do we we have inventory? Have. We posted Billy any of this any of these Cheetos that we found have we posted them on EBay for sale yet. Because I believe we have a pretty solid inventory of things to sell. If you're wondering what I'm talking about people are selling randomly shaped Cheetos that look like stuff. Trees, clouds, whatever they are selling them on E bay for like twenty five hundred dollars. Ed. So a guy does the think in we're going to buy some Cheetos, and we're going to see if we can make a few bucks today. Where are we on this front guys? I've had a lot of is today. That's that's very guarded. Yeah. You'll gross. I've had some H E. I gave up on looking. I just started eating them. Wait a second. Even the the field goal posts that I had. We had the field goal post. The only ones we haven't talked about on air. We we have well for the people that are just joining us. We have a St. horse. We have a scorpion we have a hockey stick. Now the newer ones you found a field goal posts. Yes. I did. And I also found a hammer. Okay. We have a hammer on ice. Well, all All right. right. And these are all if you wanna see these there at lebatardshow on Instagram the story. Okay. I just found a snake? Oh, wow. We'll say that it was a real scare for dot eat this. Yeah. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. Now, Chris I don't want them on Instagram. I want to try to sell these things on EBay or you just kind of testing the waters there on Instagram to see if there's if there's any interest from our audience, we're testing the waters there because we're allowed to do that. I don't think we're allowed to put things on EBay. Oh, okay. So what what's been the reaction on on on Instagram? Well, the only feedback I've gotten is that people are looking at them. Okay. They can't bid on Instagram. All we can't. We can't do bidding. Anyways, what you're telling me because we're not allowed to line their own pockets by using the platform. Correct. Correct. Even though it made a career of lining my own pockets by using the platform. Correct. Right. Well, it seems on. Nope. Like, this is where we draw the line at Cheetos. We're just test. The water's right now. See if you know, we have we definitely have is on these Cheetos. Okay. Yeah. Greg STAN Van Gundy keep saying, which is I I find it interesting..

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