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Criterion. And qualifications from serving are you when the justices ultimately do here, the merits of this merits of this case, are you pessimistic about how they're going to rule. I mean, this is a five four conservative ruling today. That's true. But it doesn't it did not speak to the merits at all. And it really only put in place even temporarily the permission for the government to put the ban into place. I will say that. I'm. Optimistic because I don't think that there's any basis for the government to demonstrate that they're that that there's a reason why transgender people who meet military criterion can't serve and we're actually optimistic because in rejecting hearing the case now, it allows us to go back down to the district court and put on the evidence that we we think we'll absolutely refute. The government's statements that transgender people can't serve in the military. So you think when you get your shot at the marriage you're gonna win. Absolutely. And we also think that you know, the fact that transgender people have been putting themselves their lives on the line every day and service of their country is going to help to prove our case. Jennifer Levi director of the transgender rights project. Glad it's really good to have you here. Thank you so much. Thank you. All right. We'll be right back. Stay with us. Two updates for you before we wrap up tonight last night show. We opened the show with a long story about a Beller Russian model woman named anesthesia Vashem Keva who has been caught up in the saga about the Russian government interfering in US elections, and she's been caught up in what appears to be a very dangerous situation for her in which she says that she has evidence she has video and photo and audio recordings which implicate to a certain extent a specific Russian oligarch named Oleg there Pasqua involved in the Russian meddling last night. We focused on the fact that she was arrested by Russian authorities while transiting through Moscow airport last week and over the weekend. She appeared in court as you see in this video sort of scarily apologizing over and over again to that oligarch Oleg der Pasqua and saying there would be no more recordings, and she had no more proof. And she had nothing else. You wanted to say about it? The update for you on that story. Tha. Night is that anesthesia Vashkevich was released from custody in Russia today, but we know very little about that by this time tomorrow, we expect to know more her lawyer says that there will be a press conference tomorrow in which they will explain what they believe has happened in our case we will have that update for you tomorrow tomorrow night. We will also have Senator Kamala Harris of California here for her. First live TV interview since announcing that she is running for president. Tomorrow's big night. Stay.

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