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Six. Twenty we'll have major traffic delays today. The L CRA will close six twenty new the Mansfield, Dan and fifteen minute time periods. They'll be working on transmission lines. Both directions will be closed during those fifteen minute periods governor, Greg, Abbott signs, a new law that protects free speech at Texas colleges shouldn't have to do it. First amendment guarantees it now. It's law in Texas, the new laws stablishment disciplinary sanctions for students organizations or faculty, who interfere with free, speech, rallies, eight hundred million dollars in improvements for Walter along park are being considered by Austin the planet, be carried out in phases and begins with improvements to existing infrastructures as park development coordinator, Gregory Montas, only the picnic areas that we would also Incorp. Rate, some prayers in right now. We have a boat launch out there for fishermen to us, we would want to improve that if the sub committee approves the plan, and it would go to the full parks board later this month and the city council sometime in August, if the total plan is built out it could cost eight hundred million dollars but would be done in small phases. Over many years. Robert Wood, NewsRadio KLBJ city council members will launch an effort today to try to force homes along lake Austin to pay property taxes. They have been exempt from city property taxes, since eighteen ninety one Jimmy Flanagan, Greg Khazar say, it's costing the city millions of dollars in tax revenue, eight oh, four now at kill VJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt, thirty five southbound, a protein and one eighty three rack in the right lane has traffic backed up to wells branch Parkway, y'all sell the stalled car carrier that's taking up the right lane. And right shoulder thirty five northbound approaching slaughter and reported. Recco, ver- McNeil in Howard lane Melinda Bryant with on time. Traffic found sense breaks of sunshine today will be breezy and under lease. Hana's was over the weekend. There can be a stray shower or thunderstorm. But much of the day will be dry eighty five from the weather.

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