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The Bruins today, But still no David Pasternack or Andres Kasha coach Bruce Cassidy gave an update for when they may return. Some of that has to do with the timing of testing returning from Europe, etcetera, so Tomorrow, anticipating. The coach also said he plans on getting a maintenance day tomorrow to some players and is expecting a full group on Thursday and John Hammond of the MLB network is reporting 11 major league baseball umpires have opted out of the 60 game 2020 season. Brian Antonelli W B Z Boston's news radio. 2 13 and off to those roads. We go with traffic and weather together. These Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes it has already started started their South Boston like Yeah, You're right. Jimmy on the expressway can't catch a break here. South bound is just crawling out of the O'Neill tunnel down through. We smelt and with it a brand new right lane crash right. It's quantum Street. This follows an earlier crash at Bryant half Now the north bound side of the expressway crawling Braintree up into east Milton. Lots to look at on the South Bound side, apparently through three South sounds good coming. Ana, Braintree and Weymouth really all the way to the sag, More bridge and all the Cape highways are fine now. New problem downtown or found Zaken Bridge That's backing up very quickly with a brand new crash shortly outside of the tunnel, it's blocking the left center lane. It's going to be backing up the tunnel very quickly, but the leopard up ramp is slow, but that's normal. The lower deck the Tobin Bridge, Storrow Drive, They're all good west of the city. The mass turnpikes off to a good start and highways north of the.

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