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Enter the code totes to eighty. That's hellofresh dot com slash toast, eighty and enter the code toast, eighty I feel it goes really joint. I'm so excited for my next. Hellofresh delivery because I'm making enchiladas. Oh, you are. Yeah. Moaning on waffles. I'm gonna have red beans if you don't know that movie, quote, which nobody does movie say on here is like. Because if that that everyone knows, but people don't know. Red beans its head over heels with Freddie Prinze junior and that random girl who never got Avis where she lives in a model apartment, she pretends to be model unless you junior virtually like works at the museum with all the old ladies in the basement and just go at such a it's such a great just like early two thousand it's probably like a really hard to find. I don't know. I watched it recently on the phone on either who Netflix, something digital normal more, Amazon, prime rib beans dinner. Okay. Back to from bro. Because I'm not a nice. I also wanted to talk about lodge will in hand during the reunion. She's a Queen. She's realism looked incredible. And I feel like all the time Instagram, she'll do something and like law looks crazy. And then every time she gets on TV. She looks so good. So and it's so hard to look at on TV. It's easy to get your loan. She looks better team than she does her phone in pictures, all the stuff. So I don't know. It's just like whatever she's doing. It's really it's really working for me. Yeah. But it's not really working for me is the current format of the show, and I really feel like they need to evolve next season. And it looks like they're not going to they're still trying to make that happen at sir with Racquel. And it's really fucking stupid. And I would love to have show they can still call benefit rules that has nothing. She was there. All now moving into new stages of their lives. They all have new homes are all rich like shall we spending money? I wanna see what they bought in in bucking powers at coochie each. And every one of them has got bought a house now. Yes, she bought a house in Palm Springs. Christian bought a house in Beverly Hills at Tom orient about a house in LA Britney John about a house. It's like not a fucking New York Times bestseller. How Katie how did? Yeah. It's enough. It's enough. They must have really gotten paid the season. That's why or less season. That's why they're all bought a house this time, and they bought houses, they didn't just move. And that's also why they've been living in squalor for so on one for the show in two because they've been saving money and like the. Million dollar houses so excited in here for John blizzard being fucking thir- sponsor on Twitter. Of course. Magazine did some interview with orient. They like just about the conversation. She had on the season finale where she confronted lease. And they definitely took it out of proportion. Like all right is mad at least whatever it was like fake tabloid bullshit. John John blizzard one of them put it on his Twitter. Are how dare you to all the upper -tunities is giving you just bought a two million dollar house. You could have done without Lisa and are like dude, we're friends like the vacuum doing this on Twitter. Who's asking you? Right. Oh, wow. I mean, I firmly believe that the John's are behind puppy gate. I heard a rumor though, teddy that it was teddy who sold the story and that it's going to come to light this week. If it was tending told that story goes, I would have to reevaluate everything my life, like my couch, everything would change because like that makes no fucking sense..

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