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On is plotting his next steps today after spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced plans to take control of key institutions in the province for more on this jewish asian bloomberg's matt miller and guy johnson spoke with antonio baroso senior vice president at tenerife who intelligence do you think pushed ahmad will again declare independence he did it wants for like eight seconds and then suspended that declaration but is he going to do it again especially at risk of high treason n serious jail time well i think the proindependence movement is certainly going through step by the challenge of where the dotcom seen the formal fog needed i've got enough independence of some kind of be was statement again but that is a little bit clearer on that the in the past remains to be seen but certainly i expect the pregnant been this movement this week in the governor in parliament to step up the challenge check as the spanish authorities does he have enough support in the region i mean do you think that half of the people in catalonia actually support legitimate independence they want their own tax system maybe their own currency their own army do they really want to break off from spain now auto fini us this aboard the the of cut banza we do know from different polls that there is some the of gabon study seen support that support more devolution reform of the constitution possibly but said the nipples them on bassin half the aboard of a go the of got that once the war for independence so how does all 55 actually get an exit urine legit trying to figure out how to make this work do you put your own police forces treats tu seems off the part of a physical point of view how do you actually make this happen because this is where the flashpoints are going to start saturday that does this challenge because it has never been implemented vegas spain right so you have all kinds of lawyer frank dunn bicycle them of what to do from what it has been said by government about spanish authorities we know that the authorities of.

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