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He could face up to 10 years in jail if found guilty. Speaking of Friday, Friday night, Governor Charlie Baker activated the National Guard. The question is why Devil BBC's Karen Regal reports in a vague purse, releasing its 6 48 on a Friday night, the Massachusetts National Guard let us know up to 1000 National Guard members were authorized for service in case quote municipal leaders require their assistance. There were some other information about how these guard members have helped with response to cope in 19 and storms. A covert rates have been dropping in a nor'easter is not on tap. What has been happening across the country is another wave of demonstrations in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake State Police Colonel Christopher Mason was asked about the call of I think the call up of the National Guard was a nod towards ensuring that we would have the capacity to continue. To be able to facilitate those First Amendment gatherings and make sure that people could be hurt, he says. There's no threat to the Commonwealth. There has been no comment from the governor, Karen Regal, W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio in Kenosha. Hundreds take to the streets and mostly peaceful protest. That was over the weekend in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. But some people fear the presidents of coming trip tomorrow. Might trigger more unrest. Wisconsin's governor now asking President Trump to reconsider his plan visit tomorrow. Concerned it could hinder feeling efforts trumps visit is scheduled one week after 17 year old Kyle Whitton house allegedly shot and killed two people during a protest Sunday morning. The president liking a tweet thread that started with Kyle Riton House is a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump. That was a B C's Megan to have risen and a proposed bill would hit rioters and looters during protest in their wallet. Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks once rioters and looters to pay up not just in fines if they're calling convicted of federal offenses. But by taking away any unemployment benefits and charging them for the extra policing during protests, the military veteran introduced the support peaceful protests Act and says antifa thugs just sending on communities disrupting peaceful protests with by Glints, looting and vandalism are the main targets. The bill is only in the draft stage now and would have to undergo congressional approval. Derek Dennis ABC News Thiss.

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