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Ended up going him and moving away from his vehicle along the couple belongings they threw out and they stole his vehicle is from his wallet two teens ages sixteen and seventeen have been arrested please expect to arrest a third very soon that ensures deputies made to arrest for the murder of a mother of two whose body was found near death and creek teens fishing near Dayton creek found twenty year old jade Harris's body earlier this month then share of Tracy Murphree said twenty one year old Tanner Brock Harrison's ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend twenty seven year old cures and Ross were arrested appears to be a domestic situation with Brock has a history of assaulting women and of course we were looking at him and what he was doing during that time and through interviews of other witnesses based on some forensic evidence we were able to arrest both of those individuals for mark is is Harris's body was found with multiple stab wounds the family of a nine month old baby in critical condition will now have until December tenth of find a new hospital before their current hospital ends treatment AB tensely Lewis is in the center of a legal dispute she's been battling a critical heart condition since birth and has been on life support at cook children's hospital since July the hospital plan to pull the plug November tenth but to temporary restraining orders later the family now as until December tenth to find another facility to care for her Kimberlin shorts with Texas right to life is calling on the governor to get rid of the ten day law that allows hospitals to do this we really really hope that can please the last patient who has to deal with this Kaplan Zaire KLIF news the impeachment enquiring against president trump continues today day four will focus on testimony from that is day four of the televised hearings from testimony from US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland on the president's July twenty fifth phone call with Ukrainian president SMU political science professor cal Justin says the tenor of each testimony now until now has been the same but we've had passed a dozen people testify so far almost all of them to the same set of facts which are not much disputed the dispute is over what to make of those facts we'll also be hearing this morning from a former UT a political science professor Allan Saxe he'll be coming up at seven seventeen to talk with us about about the hearings and also about the democratic debate tonight all right let's get a business update now from networth radio Spencer Gavin morning Spencer good morning Amy target shares soul or ten dollars two hundred and twenty one in premarket trading thanks to the mastery of same day sales well digital sales up thirty one percent the Dow's down ninety points in premarket trading West Texas intermediate crude fifty five fifty per barrel up twenty nine cents and the fed releases their minutes from the last meeting today Spencer McGowan president Miguel in group net worth radio dot.

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