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The co-hosts along with their honest holds no-holds-barred opinions are more than enough reason to give them a listen the running jokes and call backs to earlier conversations never failed to amuse me I love these guys and you should too but you can't love them before you like him. So get started now you've got some catching up to do. And that comes to us from Paul Corn and it's fucking awesome. We'll speak callback backs. Here's vinnie Vincent's musical output for this week. Long. I love stuff like that, and you know makes that really cool is that because Paul corn is such an old school listener that came in way back in two thousand twelve when we're doing our inside jokes I know that there's always a handful of people that get it. There's always a ton of people that don't have no idea what the fuck we're talking about but there's always that special handful of people that'll remember that throwback joke to episode one, hundred, eight or something like that. It's cool to have people that have been on board that far back like Paul and we'd love all you new listeners to hear from you as well. But. It's great to it's great to have such a almost a decade behind us now is really hard to fucking believe. So as awesome as at is would sweet sweet facebook recommendation from are awesome. Old School good brother Paul Corn. I also had kind of gathered up a couple of comments that we had about last week's episode. When we went on the ebay treasure hunt that I thought were pretty cool I got one from Scott Smith and this one was a reminder of how you know you and I were week to week. You know we're always thinking about the next thing we're never thinking about you know two three, four episodes back. We're always on the move but what you don't think about when you're doing a podcast is at a lot of people will do. The Binge listen you know where they'll list do a whole bunch of them get caught up stopped for awhile and then start again and get caught up again we got a cool message from Scott Smith on the facebook that said listening to episode three ninety of Decibel. Geek podcasts from earlier this year while working around the House Chris in Zach and Erin Camaro I nearly died laughing at your comments on David Lee Roth, first night of the Vegas residency and Van Halen I had completely forgotten about that and I had to until he mentioned it. I don't even remember what I said, but I'm. Saying. You were Silver Sassou about David Lee. Roth. But it was damn. Funny. Well, he's had a fucking terrible patio footage. Yeah he sure did. We got another one from Angie Jacob said, got a birthday. Shout on my favorite rock and metal podcast between that and half of four eleven reunion and not having vid fiftieth birthday week was pretty fucking good. I liked to hear that. And then I gotta say we talk about this being a rock community and what we've created in there. So many people that comment on the facebook page and get in on the conversation and stuff when it came to last week and what we asked for at the end of the episode, Grayson Gaydos said great episode you guys always come up with fun and creative topics. How about enough's enough with this one? Any posted a link to this poster. That is like a one of a kind is a nineteen, ninety, eight double door Chicago and it's for awesome man it's got a clown. He's balancing on one hand on a ball. In his butthole he's balancing one leg of a chair in onto that chairs tied a beautiful woman and on top it says, Noth- enough on the by Mrs April Twenty Fifth One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Eight, and I want that poster so bad but I. It's three, hundred, sixty, one dollars ninety, nine cents down. But that's what I'm talking about right there. That's kind of what we call out for at the end of last week's episode get online look up your favorite band and let us know something cool. You found in your Ebay treasure hunt and as far as I can tell Grayson the only one that was picking up we're putting down all come on people and a lot of you have really awesome collections show off what you. have so I mean there's that and that's awesome. So thank everybody that comments on these episodes when they hello and I thank everybody that shares them and re tweets him. But the glory is unto itself because the people who do that are Geeks of the week. Yeah. Game of the week this week are Kristen Back Mad Ashcroft. Mark. Taylor. Freeform rock podcast Sean Cullen Keith Rockford top Cunningham Simon Shea. Paul Corn Christina Green Mike Parnell. David Glenn Gis Capone Aaron Baker Adam Cox Trevor McDougal Mikhail Burrell Rock and Ron Right Indus- bTV Scott crowd of warrant Edward Larue Baker Andrew Jacobs Paul Smith Doug Vox jj Mac Hakan burks Todd Allen to Sean Body the soul JCP Danieli Eladio Vet Halen and there's always the. Food or See. That's one thing that I know makes the difference between recording together live when we're in the same room versus recording halfway across a couple of counties. We. Don't have the same vibe when when we do the mugere anymore I think that was as close as I've ever gotten having perfectly in synergy with you. Yeah. Pretty close but it's never going to be the perfect is when we can look each other in the is from cross the table and say the Mougar fooballer. But what are you GonNa do it's a quarantine. Yeah. Well, one thing that the quarantine can not stop. Is the return. Of Camaros cutout Ben if you're not familiar with this, let me reintroduce you to the concept. I am crazy. Ask My wife. She'll tell you when she standing in a music store that's got boxes random CD's, and she's been there for an hour and I'm going. Yeah. Hang on hang on hang on just give me a just give me a few more minutes. She knows I'm crazy when it comes to CDs, I will go anywhere if I think CDs, are sale. There I will pick through numerous boxes of bullshit to find one CD that I think might be cool and I go to all the good sales. We got great stores here, Nashville. I'M GONNA. Tell you about some of them here today because I picked up some awesome stuff going to a lot of different places and when it comes down to CDs that are dirt. Cheap. And I don't know if they rock or not. But I'm willing to give it a shot. Those are what makes up Camaros cut been. These are CDs that I probably spend no more than five dollars on in some cases twenty five cents will find out here today but these are cheap s CDs of bands that I'd never heard of and thought you know what for this price I'm willing to give it a shot. So every once in a great great wild, what I like to do is pull out a handful of.

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