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We've got an excerpt from town of Deads book about that failed acquisition of the French companies on mentioned and why nobody had he stopped it. It's on our website marketplace, Not order also there and you're gonna want to check this out. That old marketplace theme music I mentioned with the G audio logo in it there to kinda while U. S citizenship and Immigration Services, which is of course, the government's main office for citizenship. Immigration services says it's going to have to furlough 2/3 of its staff. Unless Congress sends $1.2 billion its way by the first week of August. Why I hear you asking Because it's funded by user fees and as applications for legal immigration have dropped because fewer people want to come here. The agency is running out of money, and that means marketplaces and Mueller reports. For people trying to get work visas or green cards and already long and arduous process is going to get longer and more arduous. Suraj Diaz came to the United States in 2002 to get a masters degree in computer science in North Carolina. He's been working under an H one B visa since 2005 and he got tentative approval for permanent residents four years later. He's been waiting for his green card ever since. After a certain period of time. We just stopped looking. Suraj and his wife, Karima, have two daughters. Born in America. Karima is a dentist. And together they owned their own practice in New York, Pennsylvania, where the employees seven people, he still works in it and has to renew his visa. Every couple of years. There is like a sword hanging And when your neck all the time, because unless you get your finger in your hand, you never know If what happened this year when gets denied Next man in Shah, data specialist in Austin, Texas, is also waiting for his green card. But he's got a more pressing concern right now he needs to visit his father in India who has cancer. Chaz, waiting for immigration officials to give him documentation that will allow him to get back into America. If they're already backlogged and remove people. My body is it might even cause for the village. In a lot of ways shows experience is typical to be a never been in this country is to shift from one anxiety to the next Alan or is president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He says. The U. S. C s budget is so dire because it is discouraged new applicants, double the amount of money it spends on fraud prevention and tripled what it spends on vetting. So the shortfall right now with the budget is for mismanagement of the government by imposing new regulations that weren't needed. USCs declined comment. The agency also made it Morrell offensive to apply for a visa raising fees earlier this year to make up for fewer applications. Richard Berk, CEO of envoy global Affirm that helps companies navigate the visa process, says companies are willing to pay those higher fees but just want certainty. Employers are worried that a reduction us the staff could mean they don't get the workers that they need those that we serve you. This is an entirely self inflicted wounds, and the consequence is just another challenge is these companies try to rebound from cold and seek to hire the best brightest without intervention from Congress? The shortfall threatens to put more than 13,000 USCs employees on furlough beginning August 3rd. I may be Euler for marketplace..

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