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808 590957, always our number will be back tomorrow on the Frank Beckmann Show the news coming up that Rush Limbaugh Right now. Dana Clark is sitting by Shias. W. J. R's traffic and weather first. This report is sponsored by Compassion International. We're all feeling the weight of Cove in 19, but for kids in poverty around the world, things are becoming desperate. Join compassion International and provide for a family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text hope 283393. Still dealing with that situation. Lane is blocked due to an earlier vehicle fire in Washington on 94 eastbound between Kalmbach and you Old the US 12 traffic still backed up from atleast Clear Lake Road now W. J. R weather first from the Weather Channel. Sponsored by the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit. When your commercial industrial public a residential project calls for plumbers, pipefitters or H Back service technicians, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit connects you with the very best highly skilled and trained union contractors. Get started on your next project. Visit. Emcee a Detroit dot or clouds all day today could see a passing a stray shower or storm this afternoon high of 74 Tonight Showers Continue, possibly overnight, then partly cloudy your low 44. A dry day on Tuesday, mainly sunny and a high of 67. Cloudy sky. 67 degrees. I'm Dana Clark W. J. R News with Maria's born in three minutes. Recently, W. J R filmed a.

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