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You may have seen them facebook. Instagram meam or all the means that twitter mean about the pandemic? It's the one that says we are not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm. I heard. People say that I heard people say. Well, at least we're all in the same boat. In fact, I think I have said it. But you know the pandemic quickly exposed the hard facts that, despite dealing with the same storm quote, unquote. We are all riding it out in very different boats. Summer and yet! Some fishing boat, and some are hanging on for dear life as they fly roughly down a series of rapids on an overturned canoe. We are not in the same boat. You know some are enjoying a pause in their frenetic lives. binge-watching net flicks some are still employed, and maybe even T- making more money than before, but others are working two jobs and trying to home school their kids. Some of already buried loved ones and others are still fighting for their lives. And some are fighting for their freedoms. Some are zooming happy hours with friends every day and others are watching their child through a pane of glass at the hospital or waving from a sidewalk to a loved one in a nursing home. Some are angry. Some are board. Some are lonely. Summer terrified. Some are trapped inside with someone who is abusive. The pandemic quickly exposed the deep inequities. People live with every day. INEQUITIES! Of Income. Education. And Opportunity? Inequalities that fall disproportionately on those of collar are black and Brown brothers and sisters. As a white person I do not pretend to know how the constant challenges caused by having another skin color can change the way you're able to live. Can, take opportunities away. Can threaten your ability to make a living threaten your health and your life. But all these things that are swirling about us right now in this. Swirling see of uncertainty. Are Questions really and I? Don't have answers. And as we teaching Buddhism, it is about sitting with the questions sitting with the uncertainty. Sitting with fear. Anger and even rage every day during these unbelievably awful times I realized I am becoming a different person. Each new experience I sit with is a learning moment for me to grow and change and be challenged to evolve. Is learned to meditate in the morning every day, breathing and feeling my body and mind alive in what is in my own present moment. Listening to birds at sunrise, and enjoying the smells and sounds of the morning in the yard and garden. In doing that, I realized I was happy and grateful. Yet the pandemic still exists yet yet civil unrest -rageous You may have heard this quote by Tibidot Han. WHO said quote when the crowded Vietnamese refugee boats met with storms or pirates? If everyone panicked, all would be lost. But, if even one person on the boat remained calm and centered, it was enough. It showed the way for everyone to survive unquote. These are the questions to ask ourselves during these times. Questions to help us remain centered, and that picked up and carried off by fear anxiety. Anger. Rage ask yourself. What does it mean to you to be calm and centered? ASK YOURSELF IN TIMES OF TROUBLE? Can you embrace what you are feeling? Ask Yourself. How did you survive a fearful experience or one of complete? Before.

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