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I haven't had peace sleep. I haven't been able to eat function. And neither has any member of my family based on the fact that Stefan was murdered Clark said that the officer should be charged with homicide thirties have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping and killing his wife whose body was discovered last month in Mexico. Sheriff's sergeant Steve bro says the woman was reported missing from her Rupa valley in January the body found February fifth more than a thousand miles away in Pueblo Nuevo in north west Mexico. A woman's husband Juan Carlos Lopez Alvarado, he's been arrested in her Rupa valley. Thirteen days later on suspicion of first degree murder. Angels baseball team could leave Anaheim city of Long Beach interested in being the home to the team. The city has offered. The angels a new stadium on a waterfront lot Anaheim's. Mike Lister says angel stadium can be remodeled. There are some issues with the stadium. You would never know it. But it is the fourth oldest in baseball. And we need to get with them and figure out a path forward either renovating or even. Up to a new ballpark? Angels have been in Anaheim since nineteen sixty six Anaheim recently extended the angels lease for fourteen months. So the team complained angel stadium through the twenty twenty season police New Orleans Saints people have been killed after a car slammed into a group of people about two miles away from where mardi gras festivities are happening. Crass happened tonight just outside the French quarter. Cops say they have the driver in custody. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has kicked off his twenty twenty presidential campaign in the snow in Brooklyn. He told supporters he wants healthcare for all free tuition in public colleges and universities and a nationwide minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. And he says that he will break America's dependency on fossil fuel. We say Donald Trump the fossil fuel industry..

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