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I have used for the last 12 years or so. They're located in front in Lavonia, right on the corner of eight mile and farming and roads. They do deliveries all the way to Grand Rapids at no charge. They give you 15% off in store purchases and free deliveries, and I'll tell you they are good. They'll make you feel just like family. A phone number for Farmington drugs is 248. 478 39 22 that's 248 or 78 39 22. So here's the deal. The rain has caused a phone outage in the Fisher Building the home base of WJR radio. So we're inviting you to text us with your question. This morning, For example, When we come back, we're going to be going to a question that came from Ted in Philadelphia. Who reports the weather there raining, so we'll get to his question. But we want to get to yours as well. So Texas your name your city and your question. 808 590 W. Jr. That's 808 590957. We've got Daniel Mason helping us out this morning on audio Dave rigger helping us out on the text messages and I'm happy to be helping out as well. I am Donald. Hammer. Schuster and we are just moments away from the next segment of the home and applying show with consumer advocate and appliance doctor. The doctor is in Joe Gannon a news talk 7 60 W. J. R. Thank you. Mikel has always been a leader ahead of the curve. But his growth wasn't keeping up. So.

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