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And right here. We're gonna be talking today a or not today. But we're gonna be finishing up real quick about miguel cabrera and then we will be moving on to the two thousand and three florida marlins season and then if we have time. We'll talk about either. Al que line or the oakland athletics. We'll see where where the time takes us. But with the departure prince fielder in two thousand fourteen via trade. The tigers announced that cabrera would be returning to first base for that twenty fourteen season on march twenty eighth two thousand fourteen tigers announced they had signed an eight year contract extension worth two hundred and forty eight million dollars combined with the forty four million dollars the tigers already owed the remaining two years of miguel cabrera's then caught then current contract the total ten year commitment was worth two hundred and ninety two million dollars and deal broke the previous record record. Commitment of two hundred and seventy five million dollars of the new york yankees tend to. Alex rodriguez in two thousand seven. Cabrera's contract has since been surpassed by giancarlo stanton. Who received a thirteen year. Three hundred twenty five million dollar contracts in twenty fourteen which was the largest contract in baseball until bryce harper would pass it and then ultimately Sees as well as Actually i'm not sure if that's east. Pass it off the top my head but obviously obviously my trout as well and i mean he's he's amazing but many analysts criticized the contract as excessive in shortsighted with the washington. Post calling the worst on april fourth in a game against the baltimore. Orioles cabrera hit a two run home. Run did not just two thousand career hit becoming the ninth player to reach two thousand hits before his thirty first birthday the seventh youngest player to reach the mark actually on july twenty or excuse me on july sixth it was announced that cabrera had won the fan voting to the all star at first base at the twenty fourteen all star game and this martinez ninth overall all star selection and his second straight as a starter in the first inning of the all. Start off all star game in twenty fourteen. Cabrera hit a two run home. Run off of national league starting pitcher adam wainwright that was his first career. All-star game home run cabrera won the espy award for best. Mlb player for the second year in a row in twenty fourteen and on september seventh cabrera earned his one hundred rbi of the season reaching the milestone for his eleventh consecutive season. Cabrera was the fifth player in the major league in major league history. You accomplish that in joining. Lou garrick you did it for thirteen. Straight seasons jimmy foxx who did for thirteen straight seasons. Alex rodriguez who also did it for thirteen. And al simmons who did it for a lebanon. Cabrera was named the american league player of the week for the week of september. First through the seventh cabrera. Hit five hundred with two doubles. Five home runs and nine. Rbi's and eight runs scored in seven games to win his eleventh career player of the week award. He led the major leagues. Hits home runs. Total bases with thirty two and slugging percentage tied for first overall in runs scored and tied for second and rbi's that week cabrera was named the american league player of the month. For september after hitting three seventy nine with ten doubles eight home runs eighteen. Rbi's thirty nine total hits nineteen runs scored twenty six games that you played in september you earn his fifth career player of the month award and helped the tigers secure their fourth straight. Al central division title by one game over the kansas city. Royals cabrera led the league in with a seven thirty seven. Slugging percentage and a one thousand one hundred eighteen. Obi oak 'scuse me in september cabrera finished the regular season with a three thirteen batting average. Twenty five home runs in one. Hundred and nine rb is and league-leading fifty two doubles. He led the league lead. Both leagues with eleven sacrifice. Flies and along with matt holliday. In twenty fourteen cabrera attained at least twenty home runs. Thirty doubles seventy five. Rb is an eighty runs scored each for his ninth consecutive season becoming the fourth player in. It'll be history to do so. The others were stan. Musial manny ramirez and our pools all with ten consecutive seasons of at least to those numbers on october. Twenty third cabrera was announced that he was a finalist for the american league gold glove award at first base and this marked the first time that he was nominated for the accolade. The other nominees were albert boo holes and defending gold glove first baseman eric. Hosmer oz moore would eventually win the ward in twenty the award in two thousand fourteen as well on october fourteenth. Twenty fourteen cabrera underwent surgery to remove bone spurs in his right ankle. That had been bothering him for several months. He also had a procedure to repair a stress fat fracture in the navigable bone near the top right of his foot. Doctors knew about the bone spurs but said the discovery of the broken bone was a surprise cabrera. Himself said he wasn't surprised stating i was feeling a lot of pain. I knew something wrong. He said he had to alter his swing mechanics. The last half of the twenty fourteen season after unbeaten after being unable to put weight on his back foot without pain at twenty fifteen he wins his fourth american league batting title. He was named the american league player of the week from april fifth through the twelfth. Five twenty with two doubles two home runs in eight. Rb is and four runs over the tiger. Six over six tiger victories to win his thirteenth career player of the week award. He also led the league in total bases with twenty one thirteen hits and an on base percentage of a five eighty six and was tied for first with rb is an second batting average and slugging percentage he had eight forty slugging percentage. After that week he finished the week by registering back to back. Four hit games for the first time in his in his career on may sixteenth. Twenty fifteen cabrera. Hit his four hundred home. Run against tyler. Lines of the saint louis cardinals making him. The all time leader in home runs among venezuelan-born players surpassing the previous colder andres galarraga at the age of thirty two and twenty eight days..

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