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Luke Hemsworth, Director Paul Salamov, Hollywood discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith


All have you know I've stumbled across many alien pods and various remote places throughout my life and you know what it ain't that tough to keep on walking by and leave them alone. They ain't none of your Business Anyhow howdy. I'm Jeff Goldsmith and this is the QNA. My agenda is simple each week. I plan to bring you in-depth insight into the creative process of storytelling folks. It's okay to pick up a pot in a field. If you really want to but just know that there could be consequences that said it was a lot of fun to have writer Director Paul Salamov and actor Luke Hemsworth Earth to chat about their film encounter. You know this film is just another friendly reminder that serious science fiction doesn't have to break the bank. Paul focused on his characters and the situation nation of course had some good effects because he hasn't affects background but he made a really low budget science fiction movie and I hope we continue to see more of these types of films. Come along you. You can watch encounter on. VOD rented on Amazon and also by the special features packed BLU ray or DVD but whatever you do. I really hope you check it out. Because supporting independent filmmakers means more independent films get made without a doubt Paul and Luke had a lot of excellent insights into their process and Luke was quite patient. His Pony went on various tangents here and there so thanks for that Luke but there's a lot of good brass tacks info about how this film came together so I know you'll dig this episode and speaking speaking of things to dig. I hope you check out the once upon a time in Hollywood issue of backstory magazine. That's right issue. Thirty eight has not only one but two Quentin Tarantino interviews news really good in-depth if I don't say so myself because I did actually write them and they're really in depth. One is spoiler free. The other is spoiler centric. We we also interviewed once upon a time in Hollywood cinematographer Robert Richardson Editor Fred Raskin and Music Supervisor Mary Ramos and look. There's a ton of other stuff..

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Luke Hemsworth, Director Paul Salamov, Hollywood discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

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