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And pots on known of this great Republic Richard what's on your mind today I would like to narrow why did Democrats are getting a loyal followers are not going to forget it prosecutors like provide support and yori and not going to get arrested for anything yeah it's a walk free employer I can't yeah no it's it's actually interesting that I ideas I listen to some of the other people on the airwaves who say things like well you know the inspector general's report that they've been anticipating for moms that says suddenly that's not such a big deal the Dow rumor poll the next report that's the one that's really gonna nail color me and Brandon and clapped her and all the rest of them and then that will then be prosecuted and they're gonna go to jail and you know it's one of these for me ones fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me I think it's more simple than that I don't hear anybody explaining the statutes of things it's probably obvious we have the most powerful agencies in the United States actually walking to undermine the opposition party in the national election and then when he met a nevertheless managed to win that election attempting to serve a his presidency now we see the usual joke thing they they say oh yeah these FISA warrants should never been a shared so we've got some new FISA judging to clean the thing up and that's a liberal judge the FISA judge has immediately import appointed a guy to reform the FISA system Hussein Obama guy through and through so in other words the same gang who basically come up to the system I'm now supposedly going to clean it up it's all a joke Richard it's all a joke and it's no no it's no more sophisticated than this that if your a member of the club like code me like Brandon like crap are you kind line you can do I engage in unlawful acts you consult vote just since you can vote justice and you stage was if you're a no belly like Papadopoulos they can come round question your wife so vigorously that she miscarries toss you in jail for something all totally irrelevant that isn't actually a crime they could the so called old powerful mystic crime of mis remembering a road just stone will die in jail for a crime no pasen can explain in normal language general Flynn is only being kept out of the slammer because he seems to have come up against the one judge who feels feel free even having to adjudicate this case of the hold dirty department of justice and then you can see the bureau of prisons to their Lafayette yes we did have some video of Jeffrey yep scenes of first attempt but unfortunately we sold that particular video cassettes to a convenience store down on twenty seven straight and they use a it and then they and they white check with the we want a golden girls on channel three hundred seventy three other be our prisons is laughing at us that part of the department of justice to that whole department of justice is too big too dirty to corrupt all the way to the top and that and and so it's gonna be a long time before Democrats and prosecuted a long time and and and and and Richard you're gonna have to live to a hundred and forty seven to see any of those guys go to jail for this summer right I should have had mold that's his that's why it is it's not a land but it's there's no equality before the law it's not a land of laws it's a land of man so you you you you engage in a coup attempt and you become a CNN commentator you miss remember to an FBI guy and you lose a life time savings like general Flynn Ole you go to jail and your wife miscarries like George Papadopoulos or you die in jail I go just on its corrupt and shameful and disgusting and these you know so called conservative commentators who what panting for the inspector general's report he's really gonna NAIL coming any day now and then he comes and it's a big nothing in calling me skate well never mind the inspector general involved it was very narrowly focused government pull down is a much wider agreement he's going to be okay and then does coming down is coming oh wait that goes nowhere well wait a minute there's another report coming down the that coming down the tracks Hey wait a minute how many reports reports reports reports and these guys are laughing at you not showing for rush lots more still to come you're listening to the EIB network Washington's mall W. and Washington comes to.

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