Lambert Hendrickson Ross, Diana Krall, Fats Waller discussed on The Sunday Show


Okay. Lambert Hendrickson Ross. Thank you. Good. Menu item. Diana krall. Thank you for serving up the frame sauce to begin songbook on WNYC fats Waller. What are you cooking? Mama. Baba broadway. Don't get it. One two. Bye. Bye. Diet hold back back. Mama. Reveiw been. Back back. Mama. And then a call. When I come home at night. I get my pavement. That back. Mama. Right. Oh. Awesome. People. Happen. Back. I might. Actually. When I. I have my favorite. Oh. Mama. I'm for mama. Aching. What? Ooh. It's almost too. Then sitting here wishing. I could see you. That's why. And thinking of.

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