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Raised in levittown with i had three dreams growing up in levittown one i wanted to one day serve in the united states congress that dream came to me in fourth grade the other was i wanted to be a novelist and the third is i wanted to play center field for the new york mets the mets didn't work out very well but the other two did so far they're they're they're flagging they may give you a call it's so bad i could actually field you've seen damn yankees maybe make a faustian bargain game or to to there so you you knew at an early age that you wanted to be in politics yeah why you know i remembered vividly i was in fourth grade and robert kennedy had been shot in the night before and i was sitting at my little desk gardeners avenue elementary school never town new york and suddenly there was an announcement from the pa speaker and it was the principal of gardeners avenue announcing that robert kennedy had died in surgery and and even fourth grade i started questioning well why would somebody do that to somebody else and i just became so intrigued with the power of ideas that you know this guy gave his life because of what he believed in and so i started reading the news and watching the news on television and just became hooked on the notion of power in order to help people as opposed to hurt people and you you became a student politician i see going on what my slogan was when i ran for president of my student body don't be dizzy vote for is really got that far.

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