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It's like JEAN CLAUDE van Damme versus like these Nazi satanists. I think the enemy that annoy me the most in this game is the spectre, the visible geese. I would hear them actually played this game with sound, you know, you know, it really knowing the hell out of the skulls law souls. Yeah. Those things are pain of ads. They're easy, very easy, anything's very. Varies. Or the hell like I think that so or when we get trapped in a few areas with the with the, the barons, a hell they fucking murder you size of with. I've decided cyber demon with my fist before not very easy. How to make fun of Mike. Well the whole games very easy, very easy. But I forgot we played stalker on novice at we all got our asses kicked Johnston. Very good. Like even looking back to stalker that games amazing His that suck met, you. you know it's stuck with it's in your head now. All right. I'm not a big fan for shooters. I'm realizing especially not you all you never really have been. Now was an endless game just kind of, you know, set cemented that, that I really I don't like I didn't enjoy doing that much. I played through it ahead, a couple of one parts, but mainly I've just like I just wanna get over with. I didn't. Ahead. My view on FTSE's of always been, like, I don't think most people played for the story. So when it's injected a bit too much as it gets old retail, and I think doom gets it. Right. I think I was definitely the case of like ninety two thousands. I think now like there's a lot of first person shooters, I play now specifically because I love the story like metro I love metro game play by the stories. Also. Really good. That's kinda like one of the higher tier first person shooters, I would never play like I would never get like the new call of duty 'cause I just need to know what happens to price. I think he's storyline. But whatever. Just my sense. That's where we go on the show. Doom is my favorite part of any first-person shooter because every first person shooter any good one, I think it has that moment where it's like it, it presents us overpowered all of a sudden, and you're just mowing down at AMIS left and right. Like I love that Eddie gate where it's like a hordes of enemies are coming at us. Not stop Sam that game that Syria was all about that. Yours Molin downs. I never play that either. You should have owned it multiple times in different councils. Never gotten. You were never played it happens in every metro has that just like you're on a mini gun, and there's just nothing but soldiers mutants coming at you. And it's all doom is do is just you're one guy with a shitload of ammo. And there's a shitload of demons in front of you deal with it. Pretty much even on very easy may do a lot enemies at you. But I saw videos of the other difficulties in. Yeah, you get so much shift thrown at you. You just can't. Scurrying never used a rocket launcher this game. Because I don't like things that hurt me. That's difficulty was called. Don't hurt me. I think it is very easy. Call. Don't hurt me. I'm gonna write that down. That's definitely going on a short. Don't let me only. John, Mike is a doom guy. For shirt we're making or you're making. Right. Shouldn't say week because I'm not doing anything but, you know, you're delegating yet. You're coming up coats. Okay. What was everyone's favorite weapon? My I'm over. My favorite was the plasma gun that would've called. Right. I love that fucking thing. That was my favorite gonna get once I got that Amel. I'm happy. Happy shoot everything. That's why second favorite I still gotta go with the shock on though. It just feel so good. Even now even today, complete feel so good completed shotgun for me. Yeah, it's a really good gun. Once I get the shotgun like that. I don't really care to use much else. Some running low on the ammo. It's gonna be the shotgun. But I think. Thank the, the follow up is the BF. Gee, I don't care for the. Again, hurts me. Well. You can't talk about doing without mentioning the G, though on it. Yeah. I never I bear. Okay. And. Friendly giant for the show. I did. In the end of doom. And the end of episode four I said, fuck it and put on the input on the fucking finished last few missions, because I walked up in a wanna say mission eight or mission seven I fucked up in save midway. I didn't have enough health to run. The lava pit too good in the portal. That was fighting the cyber demon at the end nothing I could do. And I'm like, well, not starting his whole episode over again. So God mode. Here we go Gosling. Gee knowns as, as a kid, I use the hell out of Godmen tell you don't like Duma sub and such a way that if you cheat it's like yeah. That's still the point of the game. It's just kill everything. Yeah. You don't really feel like you're cheating, and do because. Fuck you Satan, that's. There's no jumping in this game, which I know is not free game plan. If you're playing with Mogae there's a friend who who actually got his he was able to convince his grandmother to buy in this game. It's very like religious traditionalists and because because he was killing hell monsters. So he's like, no, grandma. It's okay because I'm fighting the forces of Satan is like I'm doing the Lord's work. Yeah. That's essentially what he did. Okay bought them. Do the power of Christ compels. You. As as playing this game now and twenty nineteen it's still a little I mean didn't bother me but it's still kinda gory, especially think about ninety three. I'm your fricken pixie into games in the face. I'm shoot the shock plot everywhere you feel. I just mentioned, butterfly wins the like. It's always weird about Gordon video game. So like looking at fallout. Like follow up three new Vegas. Those are incredibly bloody games like you get bloody massive people just explode. But it's just kind of like funny because it's like completely unrealistic, and whatever reason doom is just like it feels way more gory than most any other game. I played I don't know why that is. And even then the blood is very minimal on the game, unless something like crumbles like Melton pile like you see more. But otherwise, it's pretty minimal. I don't know why just he'll so like gory. To me. I don't know if it's like the two D aspect where it's very, it's very violent. Yeah, is it episode three or to start seeing dead bodies hanging from the ceiling skeletons and skulls everywhere. He has bad. All on the, you know them pay, you know, stuff like that. Dame. I can think of that makes me feel like my gut wrenching gore in boys, like tomb, raider, like the new rain, even day. Even they are, like mostly, like, implying, blood and glory. Really brutal saints like so doom. It just feels super gory. Shoot the enemy the little their detonation, which is like two different frames. And what is just exploding into blood and guts? Oh, I should actually mention that speaking of frames. I played John Romero's single. Okay. How was that? I wanted I'll hoping someone would play it. I forgot it was it was actually really awesome. I enjoyed it a lot and kind like in high in the animation of doom. Like when you're reloading, or whatever, or the shotgun shoots, like it has, like there's two or three frames were kinda shows that it moved or the actually reloading or whatever and Sigillino, it actually has an frames to where it looks like it's actually moving like three. It's really bad ass. Essentially episode five of the first doom right now. Like ultimate doom. Basically, it's it's in between doom one and doomed to because at the end of doom one you go into a portal to earth to protect it from the demons, and then in, in Sigillino every rights that where a like bear of hell or something, some guy, probably the devil grow. Yeah, girl. He closes that portal. And he says you Ernest canonical Dave Grohl now. And so it's actually in between morning. Do two is where the story takes place, academia, get back cut that out. Out avenue back in the day of doom when I was trying to say like a normal human being. It was a recalled wads, which I always, always funny. Yeah. So it's, it's sizzle generators Joel is not technically a game. It's a megawatt. Where's all the data? Yeah. Learn new things show. Yeah, yeah. It's like little acronym, for it is a funny releasing Awad for doom. And we haven't mentioned the dumbest boss this entire game or entire any any any any game of the show. Let's say. I know. But later mastermind, I don't like not like that thing, you know, the that boss always felt so unfitting like why couldn't the cyber doom and be the last one. I it feels a sport fit and that would have been cool. The foreign. Should have been literally Satan work too, but no, it's a giant looks like mother brain got a hold of the thing from the first fallout game and gave lake to it. And sitting there trying to Easter you know what it is. It's literally, the end of the it's TV show back in the nineties. Two. It's literally the end of that of the original attached to it. Yeah, it would have been a very different movie. If the Gatling guns, arguably battery acid is spider mastermind. I actually went seeing chapter wanna see out sitting when I would see some with some friends, it was a random group of girls say, nice to me, and I was all ready? Very in love with the second. I saw because the girl walked in with a bomber jacket with every slasher villain on it. I was like that is awesome. It's so cool at like, at it had head like, Jason voorhees and FREDDY. And it was like a little ashville LIAM's on the bag. Oh man. Shik one a day, I was like you're so cool. And while we were watching movies, she just can't like she just kept whispering lines of the original much. Yes. It you. Slimy. Mary may. All right. Maybe something else came my mind. And my wife just got a tattoo of Jason voorhees, Freddie think it on her arm. It's not finish it. But yeah. Okay. Very mike. Already married. Honestly calling. Oh, what's the actor's name? I kept forgetting guy plays as CJ. There's a few. Yeah. Last name, but singer. Yes. CJ whatever. CJ Graham CJ Graham was there. He had a booth directly next to Alice Cooper. And you get a photo so bad, that I didn't get the photo op with both. Get a phone with Alice Cooper, and CJ Graham and yeah, I talked to Alice Cooper and CJ. They're both very nice dudes CJ granted part six right? Yes. Yes, my favorite. All right. I've never seen any of those either out, God, what we have to rectify that what other Friday thirteenth movies how, you know, looking back, I don't understand because I know you know, your mom had all those movies, why was I was terrified of horror movies for a long time. Are you still that same way this way? When my wife wanted to go see you the nun came out, we were up in Duluth r- are aaniversary. We didn't go see nugget. I'm like, nah, I'm good. I don't want you jump sire. On fourteen. Those are like slash ads there. Yeah. There's early horror. It is fun. Yeah. It's just fun. You just go. Does Your your life. movies aren't meant to scary. It's this. Scare me. Young young people have sex, then get killed for it. That's which we need to want somebody to watch all the Friday, the thirteenth and then Jason X so that the best joke in the entire series can really come to. I love Jason extra that one scene that everybody likes those movies should know about where he's a in the like, hollow holler chamber. Yeah. It's like Jason dream comes through. Talking about sleeping Meg part. Yeah. Let's have premarital sex do drugs. Hard cut to him beating them to death against the treats the funniest comedy show. I love that, man. That was part of the entire movie. Joke in the entire series. I seen the movie that's the only okay did see that movie. That's the only Friday thirteen movie. I see. But I don't think I really Friday thirteen. A love story..

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