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Hey gate. Ios our shoutout segments. He goes not yelling at people showing off twenty times. Better than your wack shows. Just this segment is-is ace this segment. Yes shows can't even compete with this segment so he'll to the king of the north night. Put this work in god. Bless continue cobblers. Cla is in the building. Hey charles good water to you town. Yellen net is here. What's sub girl. Hey good morning names. Just that you move over to. The other side is to check out what she was suggested. She said that. Sean wants you to move over. He wants a not on dope. He trying to get new in here. Because you got a little shot shot. I agree with tony illinois. She now say barbie movie to move your ass. Dag aware this my safe ship. Put me over there nate. bear you chows is here. Hey good morning to you johnny. Wapo is in the building. Good morning johnny valerie. Thomas is he a. Hey valerie good morning. Shut up to sean hayes jones. Hey girl good morning to you. Learn net net serano hidden not girl. Hey go right there. You go right there Butch buchanan this here. Hello butch mornings you. Old school name butch. That's my Brother-in-law's name which whispered from he's no. He's been a couple town. I don't remember butch. Let us know if he's still here all my life. I've always been scared of a butch my mind that we all got my ass kicked when i was a kid by somebody named butch. Was it a A girl or guy. Okay well beat the crap out of me. When i was a little boy named butch number. Get when you kill you. Never forget those beans sydney say. That's why why would she says she going to sit the far away from you. Because she ain't getting over. Then you'll be in your house to twenty twenty-eight and you will be judged by the masses. Show me judge. Sit there and and you won't be able to go to the down judge license and you won't be able to go to school so that and sit there. You don't never wanna do whatever you can do whatever you want and then if you get tired of this country can go to canada or i forget you can't get in there without vaccines without a vaccination car so going going to go on and live your best life in some central america company. A country that you try to excel to. Because that's just what's going to happen. And i and that's thaksin this what. It is so herd. Immunity again will never happen to the beloved. Cj because even when it shoot achieve herd immunity medically barbie cologne. You still going to need vaccine card. You're going to need one. Know somebody who knows somebody who's going to be able to get to call you know we're gonna be good and here this winter. Be good. Throw the curveball in or they going all the religious exemptions go out the window covert. I'm telling you when these kids go back to school and you're talking about i'm i'm pentecostal lack. They say we don't care that kid gotta get vaccinated and then going to say my kids can't go to school with cole school iraq and then they're not gonna let you dangling on eight one vaccinate my child my child if i don't wanna get vaccinated. I don't have get vaccinate. you're absolutely right. And but barbara cologne. Our rights got us. Who are not lied about that you that you are too. That's why i always advocate for dab of communism in this country seeing china. they don't need a vaccine ale. None of that you know why because they all fill in line and they all put that mask on and they closed everything and they come out safa six months and then they came back outside because they achieved herd immunity by following the instructions. This country you just said nobody got took hannay people to they only thing they did was followed instructions but people had enough food running war. Bobby serious america. They were just trying to win a mass. In this country. People were out in the clubs secret party. You can't what you think in beijing china if you throw a secret party out there about three hundred the next day everybody's dying they will execute you for that. We have parties in queens. We have parties in eastern. I been to a several of these underground parties. Cine jays bente some as well. So you're not going to sit there and tell me That a digital rights in this context. You're trying to say is. I was the only saying now going underground parties and no the problem with listening to the government that said keep gas and hours or you're going back and there was twenty five to thirty percent of this whole country wasn't that's why they need now. Seen people need to get vaccinated. Now you in a lot of before we finish. And i do a lot of our listeners said even adrian the spaghetti man he said all the white folks came to the hood to get vaccinated. And that's the problem you talk about. We have our rights. And we're not gonna step on race. That's why we have to take this if we had communism kim jong we wouldn't have to wilson's anyway. Mr wani moldy. Johnson is here. Hey mark is good morning to you. Don't want to get vaccinated. You have every right not to of course you. Do you have every right but please believe with your decisions and your decision not to get vaccinated. They'll come with some heavy consequences. That's all i'm saying. I sit and i and i respect. I respect you gangsta if you deal with. All of that. Unnecessarily harvey took the johnson and johnsons shot. Yesterday i'm here with roy.

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