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On Twitter. Just go to WNYC dot com and click that little t. Where with Gavin Lee Davis, given what was it that pulled you out of this rut, set, you're in the, you know, the attempted suicide the break up everything it seems like everything was collapsing. What turned it around for you? I just woke up, you know, obviously, I I was lucky enough to wake up after after what happened with a suicide attempt. There was just something inside something voice Lamba just saying fight, pick yourself up change your life. You can do you know, I was homeless issue time and I- panelists and jobless, and I tend to around and the main key to that was by the might dependency, the most spiritual of you. I will say well somebody was looking out for me. And I am angel or something. Yeah. I I I think in in haunted horror Halford west because the thing is important to say that you know, you can feel bad bad things can happen cheaper. You can turn it around. And in the first chapter of the book, I detail. And you know, it's quite Christly. I know I tell people my is what I try to see why tried to do and how I came out of it. I'm blessed in my life here. I am, you know, talking to George Noory case the case with your amazing listeners. I mentioned the paranormal chronicles Instagram account on night like about sixty new followers, and you know, it's an amazing life. I have. No. And I'm daddy k it to talking about dependency and to mental health issues, and this gift you've got for you, buddy. Is this a magazine you're giving us? Yeah. If if people like to read, I know people have probably quite skeptical guy comes on your radio show. And he silent another book, I want to give something to you until readers. Okay. So I've got a free magazine an electric magazine e magazine, it's really cool. It's a hundred and twenty five pages of some of the best, right? Is in the world. Okay. It's free to read. There's no.

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