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Forget that and sure enough half hour later I see juniors head peeking through the the the window on the hospital room door I do see is head kinda poking it kinda looking around and I walked over and I open up the door and he had he come up a side entrance walked up the steps to Casey's room no no nurses so I'm no doctor so I'm not nobody knew he was there and the coolest thing was he spent he spent forty five minutes with Casey sitting in Casey's hospital bed was junior was Casey in the bed together he brought T. C. his wrist bands it brought in by a school wide eyed Nike backpack that that Casey used up until a couple years ago and brought him a Jersey and brought him up the swingman sleeveless Jersey and he just sat and we talked in the cool thing was we never talked about baseball we talked about being dads and he played with Casey and Casey have I got a Green Bay Packers cheesehead that one of our friends and sentiment in juniors put the cheese hat on his head but in our case he said in case he was laughing at junior was laughing and all that time we never talked about baseball or the Reds or the game that night or or anything we we talked about being dads any talk about the joke and help the devil wants to sleep late with the kids in the in the in the house run into Japanese bed waking up early in the morning to at that time in junior was so comfortable in that element talking about kids and being a dad in anything but baseball about himself and I'm I I have a we took a picture I had tweeted out over the yesterday or over the weekend and it it hangs in in Casey's room above his bed it's junior and its casein in juniors got is his cap on backwards in case he's wearing a headband junior gave him and his word his wrist bands and they're sitting together in the hospital bed in that picture I will never forget it wasn't anything beyond their you know wasn't a can I have your autograph to Casey was for you didn't know you know what autographs was I I had no need to ask him for an autograph for Casey like can you sign the Jersey because it was just soul it was just so real and innocent and so far removed from baseball and star status it was just a regular guy sitting in a hospital bed with my son from the view point of being a dad and I'll never forget that and after forty five minutes you know he gave Casey a high five and he left and he he he looked out the door kind of both ways school he when he left to make sure nobody was like looking nobody was in the hallway in any ducked around the corner and when added exit in and down the steps it out to his car to the ballpark and for all he did as a player we will always think of I always said by the time junior made the hall of fame I said it didn't take that we knew we was hall of Famers a person long long before all of that well I had down the stretch due in on this date in raids history and squeezing your calls as well new details coming out on the agreement as well give you that as we continue our now Kerry sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WLW once there is a canteen whiskers whiskies in his date in a cabinet in one day whiskers the stock solution smart engaging and handed me whiskers she activism news headlines down Sloan join me as we discuss the issues that affect you talk to the experts can have a little fun along the way it's a sure fire way to beat that cabinet but actually tomorrow morning at nine.

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