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Look, I, if you could have seen the face all may wish she said they weren't terrible. But they were tolerable. Sure, I guess. Okay. Let me rephrase that. The first one was tolerable. Smurfs and the first chipmunks I haven't seen any of the Smurfs movies, and I've only seen part of the first Alvin and chipmunks we. As a matter of fact, the amber went to a concert in Detroit. You'll see felt Phillips earlier this year. And next morning we were at the hotel and that will what was playing when. Oh, my watching chip sounds like. What is this? I was like, I go to a concert listening to fill fill abso- night, and I wake up to Alvin and chipmunks. Actually to be fair. Philip Philip's concert was actually not that bad. He you converted me Mr. Phillips. You put on a good show. I'll give you that any who. So the reason I brought this up was just this was just another opportunity for me to just make fun of James Marsden. I liked dreams of Mars. I do gotta love the cyclops I do by his career is so like sad and depressing to me. It's like it's so because he is. He has that that leading main look and a good actor, but he just can't seem to get good roles. It's like he's either type casted as cyclops or he's just in some other Rando movies. I kind of liked him in twenty seven dresses offer. He was being he played that snarky reporter, he played that well, this one. Legs it how in the early nineties he played that snarky cocky, character played it. Well. It was funny to me about this whole thing is I can totally see like James Marsden like bursting into like his agents office in like does Yellen home like, okay, you got me in your damn CG hitch. Exactly. Just just I could see his whole life unraveling in like his agents office like. I was cyclops. Okay. I was in the notebook God. Damn, you got me playing Tom the cot in the sonic the hedgehog movie like are you fucking serious? I was in twenty. Seven dresses. Okay. And you couldn't get me nothing better than Tom, the cop. It's like you don't even have a last name. Well, they okay. They did say it was like what chows ski or something like that, but it's like they're going to just call them Tom, the cop. That's that's his name in the script, I'm sure. And it's just going to be Tom Cobb, and I was like, oh, for James Marsden. I'm like, I, I feel so bad for you because he was cyclops in three, three of the x.. Men. Movies. Yeah, it wasn't just like, oh, it was the first one. Now he's not the rebooted cycling cyclops in the x. men x. two end. The last stand Stanford, some bullshit. But. I don't. I don't. Overall, I don't have high hopes for this movie. Jim Carey is gonna play, Dr robot, Nick, or egg may or whatever the fuck you want to call them. So I mean, that's kind of cool. Yeah. So Mike, that's kind of cool interesting to see if they're going to fatten him up for it. Oh, yeah. You know, Jim Carey and family wear a costume. The man loves costume. Yup. Gonna say Jim Carey and Johnny. Johnny Depp. Yes, they loved them some costumes. So anytime you can bring out a wardrobe to them, they lose they fucking mind. Can you imagine the Riddler walk in with like four hundred pounds and easily waddling the Grinch? Yeah, he had a big weird gut nets had him on a whole suit in that. And then he was in the series of unfortunate events lemony snicking. I'm trying to think some though he was in like a makeup or something where he didn't look like the mask. Yeah. Like I said, I could totally see him doing a plus. I wanna see, Jim Carey do something funny again, I feel so bad for him. Just read a article about twelve. What is twelve actors and actresses that don't get cast anymore for anything. And he was. He was like number four, then I think I think it's hard to because Jim Carey's had a career for so long about being a funny guy in for a while. He was kinda trying to curb that because he started doing movies like the majestic room in show and like the number twenty three. He's trying to more serious and he was good in all these movies, but I don't know..

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