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Like greg. I'm so suspicious of greg. i can't get there I thought who did so. Good on his one on one and then like sense. Then i'm like i don't really get you. There's nothing there and there's no there there from. He's the kind of guy that if your friend was dating him you like. How do you break like. There's nothing wrong with him. But like how do you break it to your friend like this is just not like this like all. Your friends are married. You can't but otherwise you're you're gonna do what they want to do. So you're kinda dislike all right. There's nothing wrong just going to be along for this ride. But then no one's gonna wanna hang out with katie and greg. They're not going to have a lot of couple of france because he's going to be so boring that like the in the couple's the guys are like maybe suck talking to greg. What are we gonna talk about and just store up talking points like it's just so boring scholley for heads Gone somewhere in written in your notes. Like things i can talk about I definitely prepared. I prepare talking points when i feel like. It's going to be awkward before and like okay could bring up this. I could survival strategy sometimes social situations so yeah probably but also part of is like. Is this really who he is. I don't know. I don't think so. I think he's like just trying to win. I really do. I feel like i don't think it's wrong reasons thing but i just feel like greg is into her. Wanted to work out but this happened stating you're just like i want this to work out just because like for the pride right and i think that's where out greg. Yeah for sure and you don't want to throw in the towel once you've put in a lot of energy. He's getting by that. She likes him being the like. Actually look i noticed you really yourself. And he's like okay. That makes her notice being i this cornell time i think she wants to know motive guidelines take care of kind of. That's i do. I think. I think blake gifts for that in spain. Yeah i don't think address says now. I think he's like he's also really fun. They just seemed like really good buddies. Her andros who who have good chemistry. But i don't see a long-term so who is your top two cause we're like halfway katie. This is week four. I'm curious to see what happens. No production was cut short. I think it was before only five Some curious to see what happens. Production was cut short. But who i think's in a winner. Who's my favorite. Oh i'm still going with greg. I just feel like he's got it in the bag for. Who thinks gonna win. Yeah from hurting. When he's not major is michael da. No question Do you see anything in the extremely long trailer for the rest of the season that you're like. Oh this looks interesting. tell me more I think michalis on his own spending this kid south exit yeah. That'd be the classy thing for him to do. And i can totally get why that would suck with katie. I think that she was going to pick him for small. Obviously like if he does leave. So i think pick him anyways. No but i think would be really hard to be like. He's definitely my top three. So like how. Do i know if i wind up victim and now i'm thinking someone just because they're the ones that are that are left in not because i want wanna pick. Yeah yeah it would if someone self eliminates dislike why like i understand he has even. If it's michael. I understand he's assigned but like if you really cared like if i was better like why wouldn't you just stay thank you. It opens the door to a lot of self doubt. Yeah i felt that way. Kind of with a serena on matt susan. It seemed like matt really liked her. She was one of the few people that i was like. I think they actually have chemistry. I think it was probably between serena and rachel to win and so when she south exited he liked fully jumped on. Yeah the rachel trade awesome matt seems the kind of guy who would who would respond to someone who's like i'm good. He'd just be like oh now now now now and then that would like thrown for a loop. So yeah so i i. I think that happens And that seems to like shake up the whole house who when tasteless like why are you here. Someone came and knocked on her door. I have no idea who that is. I think it's blake because like he has like the relationship potato where he's like you know. He knew her previously from her season. So i bet that's blake That's my guess. No one else would really make sense because don't also knows statia but they put it like right after. They showed someone knocking on katie storage. You were the last person. I thought was going to be here and i was like. Who's that. I don't know i don't know i i. I can't. i can't really tell what exactly she wants. She wants to be loved. And i think she wants a good connection but so far i really know what katie's typists 'cause all over the map with these guys which is cool like you know maybe he doesn't have a type. I can't tell the three people. We think she likes the most andrew. Ask greg michael and maybe maybe throw connor in there. I'm not sure cutter's not for me but like let's throw connor in there like couldn't beat. They're literally like the four corners of a square totally. They're all so different. Yeah i think maybe she doesn't. She totally doesn't know yet. Yeah interesting i also you know it just to see that she wanted to actually be engaged to get married or is this for fun right right right. Well we'll we'll see I'm looking. I'm looking more at the rest of the season. I feel like it's heating up. Yeah this episode find brought me back in before i was kind of like. Where's this going. Yeah i hear you i feel. Mis pretty good. But i mostly happy for you. Kelly people like blake to choose. Josie really like are coming back. It's all it's all coming together. It's your hate is coming together to quickly. 'cause i'm also like waist-deep on a scripted television show some trying to balance Start up a net flex. Oh i watch that. So good. And i'm a big. I don't know if you guys watched the oc back in the day course What's the guy's name. Adam brody adam brody. He's in it and i just think yes. I think i love his character okay. Alex dot com on a lot. I mean i. I loved the oc. I was completely obsessed with that. Like and i had never been to california when i was watching it hang. I have rewatch the. Oc like three times. Probably in my lifetime. I used to make all my brothers watched it with me when we were younger. It was like the one show that i could get them to buy in on being the only girl and i just like adams like quirkiness. Yeah i mean he's the massey lena's quirkiness by the way. Five courtney courtney alad. Apparently he something happens with courtney which reading it to see. Because i'm so proud of you or something like that. I don't know what that was about. I also this episode was like you know what it's not a bad guy kind like i wish. I hope he finds love soon. He seems very rational and he can't help that. His name spelled with a q. And they weird. The gave him like random interview. Time for someone who like never had time with. We never saw him with katie. But they would give him. I'm like really good guy. Production probably respectful. Yeah yeah totally totally Well we'll see what happens. Katie think katie halley. Thank you so much. I'll be back on monday and we'll be back next thursday. Thanks for listening. I think so much to isaiah blakely for producing this episode and have a great weekend..

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