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News. Many people have been waiting to hear the road. Lockout is over a mediator will be brought into work with both the union and the Michigan structure and transportation association wants the construction season is over continuing team coverage at the bottom of the hour. It's the states don't of Michigan the Petoskey stone. But have you ever gone hunting for them w w j NewsRadio nine fifties? Beth Fisher reports people are mainly looking for Petoskey stones those Brownstone stones with circles on them along the shores of Petoskey and Charlevoix coming to the task area. You cannot leave without looking for Pataki stone. It's that's Diane Dakin Petoskey area visitors bureau who says lots of people look for the Petoskey stones along the beaches. These stones have quite the story. Paschi stones are allies quarrel. It's made from the ride animals that were once I'm the land. And then the glaciers Kane, and this is what was left Dakin says many people display Petoskey stones are polished them and make them into jewelry. Beth Fisher WW J NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time to twenty two. Let's find out what's hot around town. I'm Jay Roberta just seen at with a liquor without around town. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra getting into Star Wars this weekend. The showing the movie Star Wars a new hope at orchestra hall while the Oscar winning score by John Williams is performed live by the DSL tomorrow night Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at orchestra hall brand new with the.

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