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Feed us. I wrote I, I wrote a thing about this song for the show few years ago, and the thing that I think about a lot when I'm listening to this on is that as I hear it and I, I wonder if this is as you intended it, but. As I hear it, it's kind of about this. This central tragedy of being performer, which is to say that. The narrator is a circus act essentially. Yeah, you know. Sweet but grotesque thing. Yeah, and gets a pass into this world of high society or whatever it is right? Like gets into the world that he thinks he's going to get into via show business and is not aware of, you know, the special way that he is being related to in this world is being seen as a as an act, not as a human being. I've always felt that he was slightly contemptuous of the people who aspired to be with. He says, who needs money when you're funny who these money when you if you if or if you went funny. Yeah, so I always thought there was that, but basically you're right? Yeah. Now, I mean, it's possible that I'm actually rather than psychoanalyzing this character. My may be cycle analyzing the author of the song. Randy knew very possible. I would. I would never think that just because I had a bear and got into nice. And I mean, your bear is amazing for folks who can't see it. It's been quiet. Today. I don't know. He's got the bear likely, but I, it was song I was writing for Frank Sinatra, junior, I had an assignment. An easy sell this junior, right. No, this one would have been, but it was. It was Susie that they wanted to do team things with them, the instruction, so, but I couldn't stand it anymore. Not him in slightest, but the the lyrics I was writing. I had to say something so there and bear, and that was that was it? I'm picturing you like in a hotel suite at the four seasons, Sinatra junior, is there maybe the old man sitting standing behind him with his arms crossed, and there's a grand piano and you're like, well, listen to this. They're bear thing. No. I don't think I ever played it for any said, hey, I got that Franks Lesher tune your thing. Dancing beer. I did have a exactly as you described with his folded arms of meeting with some tra- really play him some stuff. Yeah. Where did you plan? I, I played him first of all. How did you get that meeting? Reprieves record? We're on the same label and Austin who's had reprieve. Knew very well, you know? So that was and he knew my family and stuff, but he said that, yeah, I know the family nice, but he, I played lonely at the top. Then. Be happy. Crazy..

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