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Billy Cunningham and Joe, Biden, his own words coming up, plus your calls but. One of the messages of CNN con. The cable opinion network is out. They have run this scroll off to the right. I'm looking at now in which America's always the worst in the world. As far as covert nineteen deaths, as far as the number confirmed, cases, etc, the worst in the world, and of course, that's not true and CNN knows it's not true because the only way to judge is deaths per. One million or deaths deaths per one hundred thousand, because America is the third most populous country on earth, and does anyone believe the communist Red China has given us fair numbers. Does anyone believed that the Republic of Iran? As Fair numbers as anyone believed that Brazil, which is sadly had an explosion or Mexico is given it's real numbers scores answers none according to the CDC and the. WHO America's not in the top ten when it comes to deaths per one million. So number one in the world is Belgium with eight hundred and twelve deaths per million number two is Spain six hundred fifteen number three is UK five hundred fifty three number four is Italy which is five hundred and forty two number five is France four hundred twenty three number six is Netherlands which is three hundred and thirty nine. Number seven is Sweden with three hundred ninety two num- rate is Ireland was three hundred and thirty one number, nine Switzerland with three, hundred and twenty three. And number ten is debatable. It might be America United States, but also probably is Brazil Iran, Mexico or communist Red China from which you get, no doubt of this. Can Be verified at all so as far as the deaths per one million, and by the way we don't count Russia either which is forty million residents, and allegedly things are so bad in Russia. Doctors jumping off the top of buildings. So America by any fair standard is not in the top ten when it comes to deaths per one million now this is somewhat macab, but we're dealing with a national health crisis, and so of CNN says America is the worst. Numerically it may be, but not deaths per one million, because we're such a large country. Also as far as the as far as the vaccinations and things of that character America far away is number one by large amount as far as testing. No other countries even close to us in testing. We're well above any other country in the world. So when you put all that together. We the American people, because largely we've paid attention with masks and was social distancing in washing your hands interface, generally doing much better job than most other countries, but you don't understand that or under, because the media doesn't cover, it doesn't fit the narrative, and if you're one of the ones that are dead, it's an awful thing, but it's largely a disease that affects those that are sick or compromised or elderly. If you got to co, morbidity is even worse in my home. State of Ohio seventy percent of the deaths are in nursing homes, which means the odds of someone in the general population, dying, Cova nineteen in Ohio is five out of one hundred thousand. which to me is successful unless you're one of the five, which cases terrible talk about a general health crisis, we have three hundred thirty five million Americans. Ten percent of that's three point. Three five million one percent of that's three, hundred, thirty, five, thousand, so by any fair estimate. As far as death rates more than ninety nine point, nine percent of us will be unaffected. Now put in perspective one hundred thousand, which should be breached. That number is legitimate sometime tomorrow. That is terrible if you're one of the one hundred thousand, but if it's a general health crisis and more than ninety nine point, nine percent of Americans are unaffected. And it's a fatal contagious disease that the great majority of people who catch it. Don't know they had it. And they get over it without anybody knowing the head it. That's not quite the same as pancreatic cancer. Doesn't diminish it, but it puts it in perspective about a general health crisis. These numbers indicate and who who knows what the future holds. Original estimates are one to two point. Four million, then went to one, hundred, thousand, two, hundred, forty thousand. I got down to sixty thousand now they're saying maybe a hundred thirty, five thousand. That's a huge number, but proportionally it's a very small number. If, you're one of the ones terrible. However, my mother spent time in a nursing home. She was vulnerable. I can't imagine the suffering that MOMS and DADS and grandmothers and grandfathers go through in a nursing home, all alone being cared for by individuals who about ninety nine percent of them are heroes. There's the other one percent I've seen some of the stuff on Fox with Tucker Carlson it's awful. Nonetheless. The great majority of those individuals are heroes who work in these nursing homes. The media makes it look as bad as possible so as to ensure the fate of Donald John Trump and they want Joe Biden in the White House before I. Take Some Calls Tater! Let's play a little bit of Joe Biden in his own words. Have Been, caucus. Your line dog face pony soldier you said you were. Now you got to be honest I'm going to be honest with you. And by the way you know I sit on the stand. Get, hot I got I got Harry legs. That turned that that turn. Blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reaching the pool and rubbed my leg down, so it was saying that watch the hair. Co- come back up again. They look at it so I learned about Roach's I learned about kids up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap. Levin. All created, but you know this. This election year the Choices Clare. One. Man stands ready to deliver change. We desperately need a man. I'm proud to call friend. A man who will be the next president United States Morocco..

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