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Day relate to honor military veterans and first responders Charlotte Reese that story after we check traffic and weather on the tubes well some construction going on in south Philly affecting this Google expressway interstate seventy six east bound the ramp to Broad Street is closed Broad Street southbound ramp to seventy six east bound also close Broad Street northbound ramp to seventy six west bound that ramp is open just no trucks allowed some more construction upper St road closed to all traffic from mom's house road to Bristol road that's going to be out there for about another month under the turnpike cash still not accepted at the toll booth drivers without EZ pass you'll receive toll by plate in the mail for septa note regular schedule now that's resume the most septa bus routes trolleys the market Frankford Broad Street Norristown high speed line however bus route ninety one service still suspended trolley route one oh two service still suspended and as for the regional rails the media Elman line service is suspended because of the southwest connection improvement project for up to the minute schedule information go to SEPTA dot org and Billy Dawson in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center and that's what you buy window nation buy two get two free sale window nation dot com I know it's time for the NBC ten first alert forecast with the cloudy skies tonight and areas of patchy fog moving in fifty five for a low Memorial Day Monday hazy sunshine rain.

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