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Are happening here learn more at nypd dot org from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly president trump is in china today the third stop on his fivenation trip to asia npr's anthony kunin beijing says trade and north korea's nuclear programme were expected to highlight the president's day president trump wants to fix the us trade deficit with china and beijing's expected to help out here with some business deals and perhaps pledges to import more us products on the north korean nuclear crisis china's already hit pyongyang hard with extra sanctions this year and handle is down beijing's willing to use what little leverage it has left over its neighbour the president arrived in beijing from seoul before south korea he visited japan democrats are celebrating election wins in the races for governor in virginia and new jersey a year after donald trump on the white house ralph northern one in virginia and phil murphy easily won in new jersey in utah none of the winners in hill deals elections belonged to a local polygamists sect serevent tree with member station kjlh jcc says that's a first many people i've talked to said that in previous elections there was no choice that candidates ran unopposed and that those candidates had the backing of the church so having a competitive election was important and additionally if unofficial results hold then new mayorelect of the city is a woman and near had never even been a woman on the city council before i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington and i'm richard hake on wnyc and new york they say all politics a local but the new york city mayor's race had a lot to do with washington this time mayor de blasio won a second term after spending most of his campaign branding his opponent as a trump supporter.

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