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Dr Jen Ashton and Dr Jenn we've heard a lot of talk about possible mutations this coronavirus what we know about that at this point so I want to get into some basic science Amy because we're hearing these headlines and their attention grabbing because they scare people but I want people to understand what they should think about when they hear about the word mutation and the coronavirus number one this virus comes from a family of coronaviruses that is intrinsically prone to mutation just because it's an RNA virus and this is what this class of viruses do they mutate coronaviruses do mutate more slowly than other viruses compared to let's say influenza virus twenty five mutations a year for coronavirus roughly the flu mutates about fifty times a year so some good news interestingly if you check the genome the fingerprint of these viruses it allows us to track the strains and find out where it's going where it's come from and remember the most important thing right now just because you hear that a virus has mutated it doesn't necessarily cause a new strain so that's really important and in what is it that people are researching that is raising some questions among scientists wrote I think that the concerning me is that as these viruses mutate the theories are how is it changing the function of the viruses so is that making the virus stronger is it making it weaker sometimes mutations can just be neutral they don't have really any affect on function based on the tracking really interesting thus far according to Scientific American it appears that multiple viruses that multiple strains of coronavirus entered the U. S. at different times and different places and this is really important for these molecular scientists genetically to track these viruses so they know where they're coming from and that's going to be key as we follow the virus and and how it behaves yeah and obviously we see this every day but there is still so much we don't know exactly and it is important again chronological context as viruses about five months old so we are learning every day by the hour in terms of what we still don't know as this virus mutates which it will we expect that we don't know how these mutations will affect the possibility of new strains we don't know how these mutations may or may not affect a vaccine effectiveness because remember that's really the goal on our time line here and we don't know of course if some of these mutations may make the virus more contagious or more severe right now there is no evidence of that but obviously people are looking for that all right Dr Jen will be back with you in just a bit return now to Arizona where just this week the state experienced its deadliest day for Kobe death reminding everyone that this crisis is far from over which is why some residents are concerned that lifting the lockdown orders too soon could have fatal consequences here now is the mayor of Tucson Arizona Regina Romero and mayor Romero thanks for being with us and even though the governor extended that stay at home order to may fifteenth he is listening as we said restrictions with barber shops and restaurants that are set to reopen in the coming days you are among those who feel more restrictions should be in place tell us why I think that we have to make decisions policy decisions as elected officials based on data and the information that public health experts are giving us and so unfortunately governor Ducey here in Arizona decided to lift restrictions much sooner than what the data is telling us we should be doing at the beginning he he was following the guidelines he issued a stay at home order but most recently actually on Monday of this week hi he decided to turn around those those orders and allow for for businesses to start re opening our restaurants can reopen their dining out on Friday and then on Monday he will allow barber shops nail salons hair salons and spas services to open and I'm very very concerned because Arizona's you just said had one of the deadliest days that we've had on Tuesday and the numbers are not following the CDC guidelines issued by the trump administration to have fourteen days of continuous decline in cases in continuous decline and death and so I'm very very concerned in unfortunately the governor in his emergency order really tied the hands of cities towns and counties in Arizona to be able to call our own emergency proclamations and follow our own restrictions that's right his executive order preempts mayors throughout Arizona from making their own mandates also on Monday by the way the state administration for health services disbanded a team of researchers who were advising state leaders on the impact of re opening that agency claiming in a statement it determined it will rely on a model by FEMA to help this it responded to the outbreak what are your thoughts on that this is very concerning there is no such thing right now in this pandemic as too much data the modeling team was made up of researchers and public health experts at the university of Arizona in Arizona State University and right now we have to rely on science we have to rely on data and so it's it's very concerning we should not attend the governor governor Jeez he should not be making decisions based on his political agenda of re opening all of us all of the mayors throughout Arizona are very concerned about our economy by but you know the continuation of the spread of of covert nineteen we'll just continue pounding our economy if we do not do this right and so I think the governor should give the people of Arizona an explanation as to why he decided to do this and we should be following the CDC guidelines science matters and so I think that it was very very unfortunate is also very frustrating that governor Ducey is art really tying the hands of mayors across Arizona to make our call and so it's it's it's concerning and I think that having the deadliest day in Arizona on Tuesday should be I telling the governor and guiding the governor on the decisions he's making for all Arizonans marinera you haven't done something really big you've enacted the we are once almost a little resiliency fun explain how that will help your county with recovery efforts well I'll when we chose to the mayor and council the city of Tucson decided to put in five point five million dollars to our we are one someone sooner resiliency fund in this farm to help will help small businesses and nonprofits with grants and our workers and their families with without cash assistance and help and so as I said earlier it is very concerning to have an economy that is that is the way that it that it is because of of Corbett nineteen and so we are wanting to help you know especially workers and their families and in those that have not been able to tap into any federal funds included in that cares act as domestic workers hotel workers self employed gig workers that's it's very it's very concerning and it's hitting our community hard and so I'm I'm really happy that my colleagues on the council and I H. I decided to put five point five million dollars at to help the community small businesses out with content continuity grounds so that they can prepare they can pay their utilities pay their workers and prepare on with all of the necessary equipment they need to continue physically distancing to open up and they decide to go that route so we're very happy and the five point five million dollars is only the beginning we are also fundraising for this fund and asking are the communities and communities across Arizona I had to contribute to to the we are one someone sooner so that we can at least have some help out for people that don't have lost jobs in there that are being hit so hard by this economy well we thank you for all that you've done all that you're doing in your time I'm today mayor Regina Romero we appreciate it and there is much more ahead here on what.

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