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The tradition which is his school of thought that he got at harvard at that time also he comes from a time where the singer is not important of course now when we think of folk culture the singer is the most important his son alan really developed that part of folklore but john lomax he comes from the school of thought that we have to get songs that are so old that nobody knows who wrote them they're completely in the mists of time and their ballots that we can then for john lomax he was also wanted to have a commercial product so he can posited the verses that he found out on the range and created what we now think is the foundation for cowboy poetry and cowboy song i'm an powers world cafe where in nashville tennessee it sound stage studios talking with dom fleming's about his amazing new project but cabos you have a sign that you wrote called he's alone ranger and this song also tells a historical story of a quite amazing figure maybe before you play it for us you could tell us a little bit about the story that inspired the song absolutely he's a lone ranger is a song that's based on the story of bass reeves who's the first deputy us marshal of the united states who was african american and i guess i should make a side note that frederick douglass was the first one not west of the mississippi in bathrooms of the first one west of the mississippi and i read about bass reeves as being the basis for the lone ranger and i thought that was interesting innovate self and so i started just looking at the different books had been written on him and there's a wonderful book from art burton called black gun silver star and just a fantastic book and for best resist very interesting person because he was born into slavery in in arkansas and he grew up in he grew up in a household where his.

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