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Night. The NBA playoffs have arrived. The back to back champs at action Stanley Cup playoffs resume plus a UFC title fight stories highlights. Much more on the way nice for to give. Sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty I'm John Reid. We start with another amazing round at the eighty third annual masters all three rounds of bids. Sensational. Notable names and jam-packed leaderboard and heading into Saturday's third round five. Golfers all major champion shared the lead. I have a master's history that has happened. One of those five was Francesco Molinari who has the lead by himself after round three Molinari at thirteen hundred after eight six hundred sixty six hundred Saturday and Tiger Woods continues to make a charge tiger just two shots off the lead at eleven under along with Tony feet out. Tiger Woods on his approach and play in around three officers playing this. I saw the number. At eleven twenty was posted in his quite a bit guys behind me. I think. Francesco got to twelve and I was still playing, and so I'm just making sure that I stayed in double digits, and that was that was the goal today was started at six and sure that's a double digit cells do them. No Tiger Woods won the master's each of the last four times. He entered the final round and under or better is four master championships. Nineteen ninety seven two thousand one two thousand two has lasted two thousand five digression eleven hundred through three trillion the leader Francesco Molinari by one shot Marlin Ari when the two thousand eighteen open championship was Hiti Europe winning the Ryder Cup, but acknowledges old lady. With Tigers to bag will be a challenge. I'm aware not going to be easy tomorrow. And know like I said, I can just do my best. Ziemba? You know, you don't like it can only worry about him. This does a lot of guys. I think Jane we did with a chance. And he has a golf analysts Curtis. Strange on the steps Molinari has taken with his game. Let me give you a little background Molinaro how he's progressing the last year. It was thirsty here last year. He shot seventy two and his coach putting coach Phil Kenyon said you left four and a half shots on the greens out there, you need to work on it. He went to work. He changed. Everything is putter his stance. Stroke more square back through. He said if I'd had started left.

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