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Don't know, aria. Rachel, I'm trying to get you, get you to say something crazy off the walls. No, I mean, I agree. Any final thoughts on Seattle? I mean, I think we could say this in a sentence. Have the space to make it move, but can they bring back jewel? Exactly. And I just don't see this team completely blowing up the whole wheel and going away from what they've been with to agreeing to come back. So, you know, you make it as loaded up as you possibly can, which still gets requires a lot of buy in. But again, that's not to say that this whole thing won't get blown up and we have a lot of different names and faces. I just don't see it. So I put it this way. If I am Seattle storm, I say Juul, how many games do you want your mother sitting courtside will come close? You do whatever it can if it's you know you get some deep dish pizza flown out from Chicago every once in a while, make her feel at home. I don't know, you do whatever you can to bring jewel back and if Joel wants to move on, then you need to start looking at, you know, those free agency positions are Rebecca Allen, or maybe a diamond to shields. You know, anybody in angel McCarthy maybe just they can run it back one more time for suburb. I mean, that's kind of where maybe a TF haze. There's a lot of players that could fill the role but none of them would give them the ability to run it as I think jewel Lloyd. Do you see a scenario where stewie leaves? No. Yeah, I don't either. I just can't, 'cause I mean, if you think about it this way, like stewie's one of those players I've talked to a lot of people about this, whatever team she goes to, right? Even if she went to Atlanta right now and they built up dispersal draft style roster, where they're just pulling pieces because that's essentially what they're doing right now. Or an expansion to not dispersal expansion team. I think you add stewie to an expansion team roster and maybe not a favorite, some sort of a contender, yeah. So why is stewie going to leave hamper her supermax abilities and leave a team that sues coming back to and they already have some stuff established? All eyes onto a Lloyd folks. Let's go. All eyes on dual Lloyd. Thank you, Rachel, and we'll be back with a few more teams later on..

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