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Three strikes pool because one strike is not enough in our in our worlds We're in the three strikes deal How did you do this week. Who did you have what happened. I had carolina. Over the texans last week and it looked pretty sketchy at first. You know they get a touchdown. And then mccaffrey goes out j. C. goes down. And then texans finally get it going so i was squirming a little bit. I hate to thursday night. Game but the The panthers ended up rolling. And i had the weekend off so it was nice. Yes well i of course followed the standard Claim of displaying the jets this week. It was the broncos that were gifted a win that also was the most popular correct. Pick around a fantasy Survivor leagues out there. In the most of the most popular incorrect pick casey kansas city over the chargers who makes that pick come on dom as guy and the most popular picks heading into next week. Tops over. The jets team continues. I think i'm lacking the titans this week. Man case moving along to the fantasy go back starts to the week. This is where we go back in time in our imaginary time machines and we look back and see. What could we have done. If we have played a couple of different foods. Would we have had a different outcome. What happened for you. Well dave i was taken on the bolt action. And i thought it might be trouble. Entice tyson williams only got me a two point two. Had i played. Mike davis instead i would have gotten seven points and i used my waiver wire last year to get rondell more and that paid off with the point four so i could have gone with core davis instead. Four point one so not great numbers but day. That was plenty to beat bold action. Just my seventh straight win over the be as. How did you bro. Fell to one and two unfortunately to the dick sore holes who are technically undefeated and the number one team in our fantasy land casey. I could've made a couple of switches switching out cooper and robbie anderson in for rugs and jalen waddell that would have got me ten more points but still at a loss by four Just wasn't quite enough. A team has twenty guys are no shows. It's going around a lot. Dave will normally bring you guys the extra nominal fantasy show on fridays. We're going to be a little busy this week. So we thought we would get you an extra nominal fantasy segment dave. What's out there on the free agent wire. Go ahead and start with quarterback yes minnesota. It's kirk cousins dude. He gets a lot of you know. Not a lot of love. Really certainly from vikings fan from league round. But he's putting up solid numbers dude and he's available and Thirty eight percent of the league's out there so you need a plugin play guy. He's your man if you if you don't if he's not available in you are desperate sam..

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