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Of course, six six is the designation that the Marvel University in the multi-diverse. The. Canonical. Marvel University is the six hundred and sixteenth of course. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Earth is a six, one six, which is fact I. Knew before working on that documentary survey, of course, because you're a huge superhero head or not. Oh. Yes. I know all the super heroines and heroes. Sure of course, you have the man who looks like a spider. Oh, several of those actually not GonNa get me on that. I trying to trip you up Phil. So glad you said several of those. And what is your can we and I know that you're here to talk about come play your your. Movie come play. But But. I do want to talk about this documentary i. Which is What what is yours? What is the subject matter of your episode? So the subject matter of my episode of six one six is Women of Marvel, so both the female characters. And also the women, the writers editors, the artists who have worked at marvel over the decades. So I got interview legend such as an no Santee Louis. Life Steinberg wheezy Simonsen Yeah I didn't get flow sadly she passed away But definitely mentioned and much beloved. And then all the way through to women who are working there now, our work there in the recent years Kelly sue to conic who? wrote the run of Captain Marvel that the the movie is based on and. The people who created Ms Marvel, which is now going to be a Disney plus. TV show the character Kamala Khan. So I learned tremendous about and I got to speak to some pretty incredible women. That's you know if I could learn something and speak to incredible women. That's a great day for me. And this episode is no exception because things and I'm talking to one incredible woman. Right now Gillian Jacobs of the movie come play which. Let's talk about this. Now, I saw this film I don't know if you know that but I, know you decide. I wash it here in in my office which. Look. It's a scary movie I when when. I was asked do you want to Gillian Jacobs on to talk about her movie? I assumed he was another kind of. Movie in the Genres in which you've worked a lot and I was shocked and terrified and frightened when I opened up the email and saw that poster. And the movie was even more terrifying. This is a horror film. Is it not? Yes it is a hero buying film. You never know what I'm going to do next. True. That is a good point hits. Our fell stopped trying to predict you. Yeah I mean that the stunned of being an actor is getting to act many different genres truly is yeah. Let's talk about. Let's talk about this film in the film you play a mill. F- Who essentially has? Who is them who has? A young son. Has a young son. With special needs is that correct and I I. Am I guess that wasn't the script, but this is what I was getting a bit. Okay. Good to know I'm learning things as well. Is this your first time playing by the way? We're any of your characters had any of your previous characters given birth I'm trying to think. I asked to think back I, don't remember. Let's say yes. then. Check I am. And verify that..

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