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Jack Edwards on the call their a Game one playoff win for the bees over the Hurricanes. It was daytime playoff hockey and Toronto Bruins won 43. Double overtime on the back of Patrice Bergeron, Kane's head coach, Rod Brenda more all over the officials in the postgame, saying the Bruins second goal should have been disallowed. He called the NHL officiating a joke sometimes. These two teams right back at it tonight. By the way, eight o'clock tonight later on coming up in just a few moments for the first time we get a look on camera at the Democratic presidential ticket. Senator Kamila Harrison. Joe Biden, speaking on Wednesday Mohr on that just ahead first, It's 503 as we head off to those roadways with traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic all the three's Good morning, Lori Grandi. Good morning, Jim. And Good Morning, everybody, just a couple of things to watch out for pretty light volume. Out there Right now. It's a nice morning and roads are in good condition. But what Jefferson delays in Attleboro as workers wrap up there overnight work. We're still seeing some delays. They get out of there. It's 95 north right by route one day in Attleboro, and again they should be out of there very shortly, But traffic is backed up for about a mile. Ah, protein. One day at this point, I'm also things looking good. So far on the expressway North. No complaints between Braintree in Boston H O V Lane is open for your traveling pleasure if you've always wanted to use it. I'm looking at the lever connector right now and also the second bridge, and things are moving very smoothly had heading into the city from the north. They're Tobin still in good shape Force and no complaints on the pike yet between hopefully they'll be none throughout the morning went 28 to the Pru Tunnel. Laurie grinding BBC's traffic. Other three and now the.

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