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Hey make that connection and this will be your year the pounds are gonna come off so the weight loss they are state of the art of there's something else is happening in this trial and even you know even that's very elastic description we were you talk about fair of this or that the Democrats chef the other managers they are accusing trump of things that are not in their articles of impeachment they're accusing trump of things that are not in the indictment what Russian collusion that's not what trump being impeached for now I trumps supposing call for Russian a fine Hillary Clinton's missing even in in a in a fair trial ninety percent of what she is talking about would be thrown out he wouldn't be permitted to be saying only that but that's what this isn't a trial in a court and that's why this whole assertion that it be fair is absurd anyway there anything fair about this from the moment it began the ultimate fairness in this would be that that is not happening it shouldn't be happening but now these guys now playing video of trump from two and a half years ago this three and a half here has nothing to do with the two articles of impeachment I want these legal beagles on TV these legal analyst weighs in on that want to hear what they say about well of course motion the Senate now houses several roles they wanted of course they can but that's why I'm a senator if I if I month total if I'm if I'm Randy I'm sitting there on a live band that I have been suckered into having the Senate taken over by his little namely Tammy's in my house for the shore politicization this has been turned in to the Democratic National Committee it has become a branch office of the Democrat now if I'm the Chief Justice I gonna be so the so what they'll accept he hates trump so you probably don't have a problem with this you know what a great if trump more years would play the audio of shift being punked by those two comedians claiming to be Ukrainians with nude photos of trump and how sure fell for it hook line and would never be funny what I can do not worth responding to things in the journey there's nothing in these article views of power or whatever that they're so far beyond what the articles of impeachment of this this is it every complaint they have ever had about trump being aired ostensibly in a trial if there is anybody when we go in and it would shut this down and expose this for what this is right now how do you people in the United States it here's Chief Justice talking about do you most of the work order but a greater level when turned into the Democratic National Committee it's been turned to the democratic congressional campaign committee if in Turner a branch office of Planned Parenthood nobody other donor to Democrat party has the ultimate corruption of the United States Senate and leave it to Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi the round mound of a gavel Jerry Nadler to pull this off Hey folks is another reminder for your free public wifi at all it's a great in the great when you go someplace you've got your phone your gadget that whatever and you need to log on a wifi in every networks got a password then you have to go ask somebody with the password is find a way to get that you see on network that not only is it free there's no password you can log in when you go man this is great right and it is great but there's a problem it's not protected because there's no passion even the ones in public where you need a password if it's public wifi I guarantee you that there's somebody nearby a hacker who is trying for the fun of it or for the problem of it two other people on the network see if they can do in maybe plant now where any number you don't want this happening to your folks you never know when it happens you can't tell that you're being hacked well you can if you really know what you're doing and if you're not looking for it but most people never know they're being hacked your data you can be on public wifi on your computer on your fall wherever somewhere and somebody could literally be taking data off your phone you would never know it when it's happening so what do you do well you have to make yourself invisible if you're gonna be on that network you have to hide that you're on the net and you know you can do that with the V. P. M. a virtual private network yes how you hide your connection how you make yourself invisible now VPNs becoming very popular because they do do this and there's many you can choose from when he recommend Norton Norton security VPN they've been doing computer security for as long as Irving can that consumer computers simply download the software one time you install it long and wham all from that point forward all of your data and connections are secure enhancing cryptid V. it's invisible your connection cannot be seen virtual private network you've got a connection to that public wifi network but nobody studying it can see it and it's three dollars thirty three cents a month for five devices so you have a computer laptop maybe a desktop the phone tablet everything you have can be put on that one network three thirty three a month on that VPN try ten cents a day nobody can see you however you envision that nobody can see.

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