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AC became the first Haitian club to win a match and cock a gaff Champions League era since 2008, 2009 with their three zero drubbing of Austin FC. Austin decided to make 8 changes in history was made. And it's three. Feel at leads three zero. One of the most stunning score lines in the modern era of Champions League. Violet's AC was plus 3200 to win. So Bud Light to them. Let's take a look at some of the most attractive games for this week and see how much you can win. Take them individually or as a parlay. Real Madrid versus espanol under two and a half total goals pays plus one 30 Cesar montes, Mexican national team center back and his espanol take on Los Blancos. Rao has won 8 of his last home games recessed by Neal and the under 2.5 market has hit in total of 7 of the 8 last La Liga games for Madrid. You secure that one. Moving on, shock key versus Dortmund, over three and a half goals, pays plus one 65, listen, the last four games between the two have combined for three goals a game. All Dortmund goals and shocking has been playing better. Still in the relegation battle, but they've gotten massive results, including two straight wins where they've scored two goals in each and Dortmund has just come from losing to Chelsea in the Champions League Final. There will be goals in this game. D.C. United versus Orlando, D.C. United to win at plus one 20, I don't like picking DCU normally, but Orlando's plane on the road, and it's certainly going to be a big squad. All eyes on that CCL return leg versus deegan is at home, Wayne Rooney's D.C. can ill afford to drop points at home. They just lost on the road. They looked woeful, by the way, so expect D.C. to come back big versus a mixed Orlando squad. So there's three bets for you right there to drop that bag. If you want to parlay the three, that's plus 1270. You bet $10, you get a $137 payout. That Martina was in the news again. I love me some Tata martino. He never disappoints. Recently sat down with tamia say South American reporter slash podcaster from Dallas, Texas, and what was actually a very good sit down interview with Dada. But our main man Tata is getting roasted online. Among the many topics discussed, we're taught to passing blame for his abysmal outing in Qatar without three. That blame being directed at league I met and the influx of four talents, and then in what many in the Mexican media are saying was Tata drooling over MLS, even citing that MLS was key in the MMA midfield. Yes, the MMA midfield for the U.S. men's national team, Tyler Adams, Eunice Musa, Weston McKinney. What Tata never cited was his involvement in one of the worst moments in Mexican football in history. A dreadful World Cup qualifying campaign, Mexico not being able to beat Canada the U.S. Costa Rica. In Estadio steca and capping it off by snapping a streak of getting out of the World Cup group face for Mexico, a strict that dated back to 1986, let us have a cold Bud Light for our manta. Salute I had just that and with that, we come to the end of this episode of vamos, our very first episode. Don't forget, you can follow me on social media that's at Hercules G HR CUG. On

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