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Eight. Michael Barry. Shoot. Mm hmm. We have a nice thanks a lot for stopping by really appreciate having along for the ride. Always appreciate having this guy Beckett is the representative from Ohio Four. It's Jim Jordan. Jim, How are you? I'm doing fine, Joe. Good to be with you. It's good to have you back. There's so much going on. I think that last we spoke. We weren't allowed to say Wuhan Lab leak theory. We're supposed to say it was a wet market where somebody slaughtered a pig or something that a bat kissed a pig bit of person. And that's how it happened. Even though the Wuhan Lab of virology was right around the corner. I mean, now we can actually say Well, that might that might have happened where it came out of the lab, right? Yeah, There's lots of things. The left doesn't want us to say mostly. It's the truth that they want to keep from the American people. And this is just another great example. All of us who were saying, Wait a minute. Um, this thing you know it. It may come from the lab. It sure looks like well, now, it seems like that's the obviously the most likely explanation. But, um, it's interesting. You don't see Dr Fauci on TV and radio and in front of everyone as much as you did, and it's just kind of kind of interesting how this all has played out. It certainly is. And you know, I got banned from Twitter because I said Hydroxychloroquine works. We now have medical studies that show Hydroxychloroquine works, Jim. I mean, just I don't live in the swamp, and I don't go to work in the swamp. And thankfully you get to get out of there a lot, but I mean, you're there now, and you just sprinted from doing a vote. Why is it that the swamp needed me to shut up about something that was Effective. That was 65 years old. It's now generic as far as pharmaceutical, so it's very, very inexpensive. Why do they need to squelch me or you or anybody else? Who would say that Because because, Trump said, it works or they wanted to work. That's part of it. But it's all about politics. The left about power. The left about politics are not about facts are not about truth. Tell me any major headline from the mainstream press in from the left that's ever been really right. Remember, 10 years ago, they said, All the IRS really didn't target conservatives turned out. They did remember, they said Trump President Trump colluded with Russia turned out he didn't they said, Oh, he the call he made with the Ukrainian president was so bad Impeaching President Trump said. Well, I'll tell you what. I'll release the call. He released the call. It was fine. So time and time again. They've been wrong. And, of course, the most recent one is the the origins of this virus when folks like you and and senator Cotton and others were saying a year ago more than a year ago, looks like this thing could have come from the lab and everyone's like, no. In fact, if you say that you will not be allowed on the platforms, we will take down your tweet. Take down your post. But again turns out that is the most likely explanation and all the evidence points in that direction. And, frankly, Mr Fauci, Dr Fauci, the all knowing Dr Paul, he's got some questions to answer about what he didn't tell us why he poured cold water on the lab leak theory And really was there gain of function going on at this lab in China that was funded by taxpayer dollars, but nobody never heard of gain of function before this, By the way, it's Jim Jordan for Congress. Com Go to the website District for Republican, the Great State of Ohio. It's Jim Jordan. We never heard of gain of function, and then Rand. Paul asked about it. You asked about it, and then we found out But it was it turns out, we're taking viruses that are known viruses and we're adding some sort of a protein or something else to make it more effective in harming human beings. Jimmy any idea why we would ever research how to make it harmful for people? I don't get it? Yeah. Well, I mean, that's a great question. And and, frankly, I think there's real debate whether we should even doing this ever. But the rationale is you're going to get ahead of it, so that if in fact it does develop through nature, you're already prepared to deal with it. I find that a little questionable, particularly when you're going to use American tax dollars to potentially fun this kind of research in China, And it sort of begs the obvious question. Why we give an American tax money to China in the first place, and if, in fact it was going forward, this type of research and if, in fact it didn't go if it was gain of function research and did it go in front of the panel. That's supposed to review all grants that are for gain of function research. That's a big problem because it didn't go in front of the panel that's been set up that is chaired by a gentleman named Mr Mr Hassell, Chris Hassel. I find all that interesting, and that's why I have called for an investigation. I sit on the only select committee in Congress solely focused on the coronavirus. I sit on that committee. And we have yet to focus in on how this thing started, and Democrats won't do it, which tells us something as well. But what happens if we find out it came from Wuhan? Do we get to say OK, China you're always trillions of dollars is going to a class action lawsuit. Very country against China. China we know paid off the W. H O to lie about whether it was contagious for people and how whether it was airborne or not, and the W. H O went along with it because China funds them. And of course, we've got big media. Big sports, Big academia, big music in this country, Big Hollywood. All complicit Big tech all complicit to hide. What? What China may or may not have done what happens if we find out it did come from the lab. What's the recourse? Well, you can you can. You can, uh, you know, because of action you can. You can bring a suit whether you can recover real damages or not, I don't know, but I think we should be able to do that. President Trump has talked about doing that. But I also think about that you you said this joke. The left now controls everything. As you indicate The left controls big media left controls. Big Tech. The left controls big corporations left controls as you said. Big music left controls Sports Big sports in the NBA. The left controls Hollywood higher education, The White House, the Congress they control just about everything. But in spite of that The truth still wins, and the truth is coming out where this thing started in. The truth is coming out about so many other issues as well. So that's the That's the hope I have in this great country and the great people make up this country is you can go around all the institutions that the left now controls and we can still get to the facts because of his contradictions. Because he is he's been shown to be hypocritically shows up baseball games with no mask on Dr Fauci. What's the process of getting rid of this guy? If in fact he's as incompetent as he appears to be, and maybe even as collusive as he appears to be, can can Congress get rid of him? Does the president have to fire him? Why is he still The guy knowing that he's he's country did himself so often because Joe Biden in the left are going to get rid of him. They're not going to get rid of the highest paid official in our government makes more money than the president of the United States..

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