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NewsRadio, Assuming no Patriots test positive for the Corona virus. Today, the team will fly to Kansas City to face the chief's Tonight at seven. The game was postponed today after Q B Cam Newton received a positive test. He's obviously out and will likely be replaced by Brian Hoyer, too, and one pants could use a win now that the division leading bills or for No. After topping the Raiders, 30 23. It's the only other four No squad. Tom Brady passed for 369 yards and five touchdowns to rally the Buccaneers by the Chargers 38 31 at 43. Brady is the oldest player to ever tossed for five scores in the game. But the former pants superstar is just concerned with his three and one bucks improving. It's not early anymore. You know, we have a decent sample size. We gotta figure out what we're good at what we're not good at it and keep working to get better. The guys that haven't had much of a role gotto find a way to find a role for themselves and the guys that have got to keep improving it and he beat the lake. There's 1 15 104 to cut their n ba Finals deficit 2 to 1. Adam Kaufman. W B Z Boston's news Radio, Right, Adam. Thank you, 6 13, and we gotta get movin this Monday morning. Let's check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. Laurie Grandi is first with a look at the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Yeah, this is no way to start the day we have a rollover. It's blocking a couple of lanes right now. The right and center lanes on the expressway south on Right across from the Dorchester Yacht Club again. The right and center lanes are blocked off Overturned vehicle emergency vehicles on the scene expressed waste happened right by Savin Hill, the North bound side heavier to first off on route 30 on 93 north, But it's slow from 37 to the split than the expressway. Toughest stuff we're seeing right now is granted Avenue to Columbia Road. Get a check of the downtown now with Krista Neck in the mob for insurance copter, Well, mentioning that work zoned out around Carter Street on room one right before the Tobin Bridge You are getting through that, okay so far this morning, but it is starting to get heavier. Heading up the Chelsea side toward the center span, however, down abs already filled in and and I know, Shocking Lord from 93. That's okay. The airport tunnels like pretty good so far to start and run. A south is moving well out of Belle Circle down toward the airport, Kristen. Sure, it's copter. So far, everything on schedule on the tee Laurie granted leave. Z's traffic of.

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