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Dead in Colorado. Where the FBI says the Florida woman made threats to schools in the Denver area related to Saturday's twentieth. Anniversary of the Columbine shooting that killed thirteen people schools closed today because of it. Scott McLean is in Denver, which you got the Colorado. She had purchased a pump action shotgun. She had a weapon with her law enforcement now telling CNN that she was found dead when law enforcement came upon her stay with super talk ninety nine seven WTN for the latest on this story. In other developing story, thirty two Tennessee, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are entering dight -ment in a massive nationwide opioid crackdown. Spanning multiple states here in middle Tennessee, four daughters and four nurse practitioners and a pharmacist. Are charged. The indictment says patients were given treatment when they medically didn't need it. And if they didn't comply the patients were threatened with dismissal and no more prescriptions. The names of the doctors, nurses, and the pharmacists indicted a middle. Tennessee are in the stories. We posted to our social media pages. Ken Weaver, WTN news, the FBI's Amy Hess special agent in charge says the joint strike force targeted people who abused their patients trust removing even one criminal masquerading as a medical professional diverts opioids for profit can make a significant and lasting impact on community. The patients their families, their friends and others who care about them. In other news, Florida. Prosecutors will release the police obtained videos that allegedly show New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft receiving sexual services for pay at a massage. Parlor, the Palm Beach county state's attorney's office says it has to release it because of the state's open records. Is laws crafts attorneys have asked a judge to stop it. But prosecutors say they can't wait on a judge's decision. And more than one hundred people from around middle. Tennessee gathered in Murfreesboro to attend the funeral service. This morning of a local veteran with no known relatives. His name was Charles, Billie. Johnson and was considered a staple of downtown Murfreesboro. He served in Vietnam as an army infantryman news brought to you by analytic carrier and.

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